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Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning
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Hours of Operation:
Mon - Fri 8am-7pm
Sat 8am-5pm
Sun Closed

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning – Christiansburg, VA

Tired of fighting an uphill battle against dirty carpets? Then let an Oxi Fresh professional tackle the spots and spills with a Christiansburg carpet cleaning. We use an advanced cleaning system that can eliminate stubborn dirt and stains without any of the inconveniences of traditional carpet cleaners.

How do we do it? We start with an oxygenated booster that breaks down dirt, debris, and other grime in the carpet. At the same time, our encapsulating solution is busy capturing that dirt in microscopic crystals. This makes it easy to remove and keeps it from reattaching to the carpet fibers.

After the products have done their work, we come in with our cleaning machine and its dual, counter-rotating brushes. These get deep into the carpet, breaking down dirt and lifting debris up and out of the floor. To wrap everything up, we then vacuum and groom the carpets.

This unique cleaning process will get your home’s carpets looking and feeling great, but that’s not the only benefit to our system. You see, unlike traditional steam cleaners who will use 40-60 gallons of water to clean a carpet, Oxi Fresh’s carpet cleanings Christiansburg only use 2 gallons of water. That means you get a great cleaning and a fast dry time of just about one hour!

After getting your home’s carpets cleaned, why not get the upholstered furniture refreshed too? Oxi Fresh’s upholstery cleaning system does excellent work erasing stains and eliminating the dirt that is bringing down your favorite furniture.

Head to our convenient Online Scheduler to make an appointment with Oxi Fresh in just a few clicks. You’ll love your Christiansburg carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning service!

Meet Richie French


Richie French is your Christiansburg carpet cleaner and expert service provider. When he or his team come by your home to clean, you’ll get top-notch customer service backed up by quality results. Schedule your cleaning with Richie today!

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning Customer Reviews

Average 5 stars - based on 6 reviews

Richie was on time and went the extra mile to make sure the carpets looked great for my buyers. Being a REALTOR, means keeping my clients happy during and after the transaction. At closing, I want to give them keys to a clean house. Thanks, Richie, you made this part of my job easier. Great job and look forward to another happy buyer. p.s. I am happy too. Lisa Gaye Collins - Nest Realty NRVA

- Blacksburg, VA -11/15/2018
( 5 / 5 stars )

I was delighted with the results. The young service provider was pleasant and knowledgable and I will certainly use Oxifresh again.

- Radford, VA -10/24/2018
( 5 / 5 stars )

My carpets look like they are new !

- Blacksburg, VA -10/20/2018
( 5 / 5 stars )

- Blacksburg, Va -10/07/2018
( 5 / 5 stars )

In the Community

We’re proud to do our part in keeping our community healthy through our eco-friendly carpet cleanings. Unlike traditional cleaners who often rely on harsh solutions and wasteful practices, Oxi Fresh prides itself on green methods that still deliver world-class results.

We start with eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions that are safe for kids, pets, and the planet. These powerful solutions are extremely efficient and don’t require soaking the carpet in dozens of gallons of water to get results – unlike other cleaners. That means we can help save thousands of gallons of water in our community!

Even our cleaning machines set us apart. Traditional machines are powered by trucks that idle and produce pollution throughout the cleaning. Our cleaning machines rely on regular wall outlets, which reduces our impact.

We’re also proud supporters of Water.org, a nonprofit organization that’s fighting the global water crisis. Currently, there are hundreds of millions of people who lack access to safe water and sanitation. This exposes them to disease, economic depredation, and even death. Water.org has helped over 8 million people escape this danger by helping them get reliable access to safer water and sanitation.

We donate to Water.org with every cleaning customers book online at www.oxifresh.com. Book your carpet cleaning in Christiansburg today for great results and to help make the world a better place!