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Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning – Medina, TN


Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning - Medina, TN

At Oxi Fresh of Medina Carpet Cleaning, we understand that no one really wants to deal with dirty carpets. Still, there they are below your feet, making your home less lovely and comfortable. Those dingy floors don’t have to ruin your day – get a professional cleaning with Oxi Fresh!

We use the powerful qualities of oxygen to break down dirt, oils, and dust embedded in the carpet. The debris is then captured in microscopic crystals, which we lift up and out of the carpet with our deep cleaning, pile-lifting machine. This simple but highly effective procedure quickly removes clinging dirt and debris from floors, leaving the carpets looking years younger and feeling way fresher.

Best of all, unlike traditional steam carpet cleaning that leaves carpets wet for 12-24 hours, Oxi Fresh’s low-moisture system dries in just one hour! This is perfect way to get great, fast results so that you can get back to your normal life quickly without annoying long dry times.

Great as our carpet cleanings are, they’re not the only service we offer. Oxi Fresh can also revitalize upholstery! Let our professional team clean and refresh your sofas and chairs so that they’re soft and comfortable once more.

Use our convenient Online Scheduler to book your appointment right away. You can also call our friendly Scheduling Center to get our professional cleaners out to your home or office quickly. Give your carpets some TLC with Oxi Fresh of Medina Carpet Cleaning!

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My rooms are extremely clean and fresh. We're satisfied with Oxi Fresh WJ. - Olive Branch, MS - 01/29/2020
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Our family is so pleased with how clean our carpets are! The owner did a fabulous job on our house, and the carpet looks brand new! Thanks for a job well done. We had a few rooms cleaned and deodorized! CA. - Greenfield, TN - 12/30/2019
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
MP. - Savannah, TN - 12/13/2019
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
David Smith

Meet David Smith


David Smith and his team are here to save carpets. So when you’re ready to surrender your floors to the dirt, remember that they can give your floors a new lease on life! Call his team of expert cleaners today and get ready for an amazing cleaning. This franchisee is proud to own multiple locations!

Companies That Give Back in Medina

David always enjoys rescuing dirty carpets, seeing the spots and stains disappear thanks to the power of oxygen. What he likes just as much, though, is that he is able to get these great results while also running an eco-friendly, Medina carpet cleaning business that’s helping keep our city healthy and green.

Oxi Fresh uses green carpet products that are both great at getting out dirt and safe for pets, children, and the planet. We also use energy efficient equipment instead of those old-fashioned, truck-mounted cleaning systems that pollute the air.

Our Medina carpet cleaning method also conserves water – we can use just 5% of the water of a traditional steam cleaning and still get homes looking fantastic. This savings of 38-58 gallons per home adds up quickly, amounting to thousands upon thousands of gallons of water saved every year.

Oxi Fresh is proud to be a green company, but that’s not the only way we’re trying to help others. For every appointment customers schedule online through our website, Oxi Fresh gives to Water.org. This non-profit organization works to fight the global water crisis and help the 1 in 10 people around the world who don’t have safe drinking water.

We couldn’t be more proud to support Water.org’s cause. The next time you need our Medina carpet cleaning services, please book online at www.oxifresh.com for a great cleaning and to help Water.org reach more and more people around the world.

The World's Greenest Carpet Cleaner®

Our eco-friendly cleaning process and products are better for your family and the environment


Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is Helping Bring Water to the World

By scheduling online, you can help Water.org bring clean water to the millions of people aroudn the world in need

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