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Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning
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Mon - Fri 7am - 9pm
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Hours of Operation:
Mon - Fri 7am - 9pm
Sat 8am - 7pm
Sun Closed

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning – Wentzville, MO

The carpets look a bit dirty. What are you going to do? Well, if you contact Wentzville carpet cleaning you will be amazed at how quick the process is and how clean and fresh your carpets will be. The Oxi Fresh cleaning system is also safe for the environment.

At Wentzville carpet cleaning we use green technology. That means the solutions we use and the equipment we use are safe for you, your family, your pets and most importantly, safe for the environment. Our cleaning solution does not contain harmful chemicals and is pushed into your carpets with oxygen. This greatly reduces the amount of water required. The solution collects tiny dust and dirt particles trapping them inside microscopic crystals. Our cleaning machines scrub your carpets pulling out those crystals containing the trapped dirt and dust particles. The end result is a cleaner looking and smelling carpet.

The cleaning process requires just two gallons of water to clean a whole home of carpeting. Because there is less water, the drying time is also less. In fact, your carpets will be completely dry in about an hour. This green technology saves you time and allows you to get back into your daily routine faster.

Plus, the system we use is also effective in cleaning upholstered furniture. The Oxi Fresh program can be used on sofas and chairs to remove stains and to make them look and smell fresh and like new.

To book your appointment with Wentzville carpet cleaning all you have to do is use our easy Online Scheduler. It takes a few clicks and then you will have a time and date planned for our visit to your home.

Meet Jesse & Charles Keyser


For quality and eco-friendly carpet cleaning in Wentzville, the Keyser Brothers are your best bet. They provide a top quality carpet cleaning service that can revitalize carpets and leave them looking years younger. They hope to serve you soon!

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning Customer Reviews

Average 4.4 stars - based on 12 reviews

Tech was polite and quick.

- St. Peters, MO -12/08/2018
( 5 / 5 stars )

The process used did not clean as effective as our residential rated Bissel Steam Cleaner. We had things that didn’t come out with your service we were able to do after you left with minimal effort. We spent nearly $600 for a service we could have done better with equipment already owned. Extremely disappointed with the results of your service.

- Wentzville, MO -11/17/2018
( 0 / 5 stars )

- Wentzville, MO -11/01/2018
( 4.5 / 5 stars )

- Lake Saint Louis, MO -10/13/2018
( 5 / 5 stars )

In the Community

We love the beauty of working and living in Wentzville. That is the reason why we developed the cleaning system we use. It is safe for the environment and that keeps our community beautiful.

The Oxi Fresh system begins with our green cleaning solutions. They get applied to the carpets with oxygen. There are no harmful chemicals in the products we use making them safe for all.

The powerful green solution also reduces our need for a lot of water. The carpet cleaning system with use requires just two gallons of water to clean the carpets in a whole house. That’s just five percent of the water required to steam clean the same space which saves Wentzville tens of thousands of gallons of water.

Even our cleaning machines are energy efficient. They use electricity and do not rely on idling trucks parked outdoors with massive hoses running from them into your home.

Because our Oxi Fresh cleaning system is a green technology, we have also joined up with Water.org to support their work. The non-profit organization works to provide safe drinking water and sanitation services to those without access to it all over the globe. We will donate to the cause with each and every one of the appointments we receive that are booked online.

For fresher, cleaner carpets and furniture that won’t take days to use and uses far less water with a green technology that is safe for you and the planet, contact us at Wentzville carpet cleaning. Book your appointment today.