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Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning – Loveland, CO


Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning - Loveland, CO

At Oxi Fresh of Loveland Carpet Cleaning, we understand the appeal of carpets. They make our homes warm and welcoming, but when they get dirty, they do the opposite. Dingy carpets with spots and traffic lanes make normally lovely rooms into places we want to avoid.

Thankfully, there’s no need to worry if your carpets are looking the worse for wear. Oxi Fresh of Loveland Carpet Cleaning in Colorado is here to help. With our safe, powerful, and effective cleaning system, we can make your carpets feel fresh again.

We’ll treat your carpets with our oxygen-powered, green solutions that rapidly break down dirt and oils. Once the debris has been broken apart, our solutions then capture the dirt and oils in microscopic crystals, which we extract from the carpet with our deep-cleaning, innovative machine. By the time we finish cleaning the carpets, they’ll look great!

Oxi Fresh of Loveland Carpet Cleaning takes great pride in providing superior results, but that’s not the only advantage of our unique cleanings. Unlike old-fashioned steam cleaners, we don’t have to soak your floors to get them looking good. That means you can say goodbye to those annoying 12-24 hour dry times, and instead experience the convenience of a fast, one-hour dry time!

In addition to our Loveland carpet cleanings, Oxi Fresh also offers upholstery cleanings. Using our deep cleaning system, we can take those sofas and chairs that aren’t looking so great and make them feel fresh.

To schedule your cleaning, use our handy Online Scheduler or call our friendly and professional Scheduling Center. We can’t wait to show you what Oxi Fresh can do!

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SW. - Loveland, CO - 09/26/2021
(4.5 Out of 5 stars)
Everything was perfecto Mundo. Thank you for your focus on quality carpet care. We are most grateful for your attention to detail. DR. - Loveland, CO - 08/31/2021
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
I have to say I'm a bit disappointed in my results. I had Oxi Fresh come and do my carpets last year, and was extremely happy with the results. So I decided to try them again, although they are a little more expensive then some other companies. I also noticed a few spots in my carpet that didn't come out (they should have come out easily as I spot cleaned them up after he left and they are gone), or even had some came back after the carpets dried. (Yes, I know not all spots will come out perfect). The gentleman who showed up was very friendly, but last year the cleaner told me to vacuum my carpets afterwards before putting back any furniture. This time I did not get any direction (I realized it and vacuumed it anyway). This time around I didn't get nearly the same about of carpet fibers in my vacuum as I did last year (using same exact vacuum). Also, last year, the carpet cleaner went to each room and pre-treated each room, where-as this time he only treated the room right before he went into it. I'm not sure if that made that much of a difference, but with not being as pleased this time around, I wonder if that is part of it. On this webpage, it has text in this Testimonial page that says 'Rating' of 5, but I did not put that. It is locked non-editable webpage text and it is not giving me the option to rate at all. 5 is not my rating. With this experience I would rate a 4. I like that the carpets do not get all that wet. The person was very friendly and very respectful (I am not using his name on purpose). I know each person can get trained differently, but I would have liked a little better results this time around, and have consistency on feedback and things to do after the carpets dry. Also, I only had four rooms to clean, but no option for adding a fourth room with a three room deal. Square footage wise my four rooms is smaller than the allowed three rooms square footage. And if you do add a fourth room it was more expensive than the five room deal. BS. - Loveland, CO - 05/27/2021
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Matt Kline

Meet Matt Kline


For Matt and his team of Loveland carpet cleaners, every day is an opportunity to show customers the amazing cleaning power of Oxi Fresh. They love treating homes with our green system, erasing years of dirt and rescuing carpets that customers had given up on. Whenever you need your home refreshed, be sure to reach out to Matt and his team and get ready for an amazing cleaning. This franchisee is proud to own multiple locations!

Companies That Give Back in Loveland

As a green carpet cleaner, Matt is proud to provide great service to his customers while also doing his part to keep Loveland healthy and green. That’s why his team uses eco-friendly carpet cleaning products that are tough on dirt but safe for the environment, kids, and pets.

Oxi Fresh also uses energy efficient equipment and conserves 95% of the water that other cleaners would waste. That means fast dry times for you and thousands upon thousands of gallons of water saved for the city annually.

Oxi Fresh is also proud to support This great non-profit aims to help communities around the world get access to clean, safe drinking water. By helping these people in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean, makes their lives immeasurably better. That’s why we donate to this great organization whenever a customer schedules carpet cleaning through

The next time you need your carpets cleaned, be sure to book online at to get world-class results and to help’s vital mission.

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Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is Helping Bring Water to the World

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