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Green Bay Hardwood Floor Cleaning


Green Bay Hardwood Floor Cleaning

If your hardwood floors are fresh and clean, they give off an air of elegance and grandeur. If you find your flooring is not that level of quality, a Green Bay hardwood floor cleaning from Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is all you need to refresh your flooring and elevate the quality of your entire household. 

Oxi Fresh combines powerful cleanings with excellent service and affordable prices, all delivered right to your front door. We can erase layers of oil, grime, dirt, and dust all in one session, and when we’re done your floor can look years younger. 

Get in touch with our Scheduling Center for help with booking and prices via phone at 920-243-7777 today. 

The Hardwood Floor Cleaning Process

Many other Green Bay hardwood floor cleaning providers will involve harshly sanding down your floors. This is a time-consuming process and is tough on your floors. Perhaps more troubling; sanding will coat your home in sawdust and will lower the quality of air in your home, agitating allergies for anyone in your home. When you book with Oxi Fresh, that is the last thing on your mind! 

Our cleaning process has eliminated the need for sandings or varnishes. Instead our cleaning equipment and solutions are able to thoroughly clean your flooring efficiently. When you book a Green Bay hardwood floor cleaning with Oxi Fresh here is what you can anticipate. 

  1. We begin our cleaning process by inspecting your flooring and making sure we are aware of any areas of heavy damage or wear prior to our cleaning.
  2. We then thoroughly vacuum your flooring, making sure we remove any debris or grit on the surface of your hardwood floors that would otherwise hinder our cleaning. 
  3. Next we use a combination of our pretreatment solution and our OF2000 hardwood floor cleaning machine. The OF2000 is cutting edge and scrubs your flooring strongly, but safely.
  4. Finally we use our core cleaning solution to further break down dirt and grime spots and use our OF2000 to scrub and remove any broken-down dirt particles. This is the secret to our success and how we can clean your flooring without the need for sanding.

Optional Step 5

After the conclusion of our cleaning process, you may desire an additional layer of protection to be added to your flooring. If so, your Oxi Fresh cleaning professional will add our Oxi Floor Refinisher urethane coating, which acts as a barrier and protects your floors from future harm while also providing a semi-gloss finish. 

Removal of Acrylic Wax

If you have used DIY floor cleaners before you may have used a product that contains acrylic wax. This ingredient adds a temporary sheen to your flooring that fades with time. What you may not see is that these layers of wax remain, and they must be removed before your flooring can be cleaned properly. Oxi Fresh removes this surface, allowing your floors to be cleaned and made fresh again without the need for a phony wax layer.

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Mike Burton

Meet Mike Burton


If you are looking for excellent cleanings paired with fantastic service, look no further than Mike Burton and his team of cleaning experts. They can produce the best Green Bay hardwood floor cleaning consistently, and every step of the way provides you with excellent service. Give them a call today!

Why People Prefer Oxi Fresh

No Sanding - People love that we can clean floors thoroughly without the need for sanding. No more allergies, no more dust, and no more drawn out multi-day treatments.

Fast Cleanings - Our cleanings are efficient as we can clean your floor and leave it looking years younger in just one appointment.

Easy Bookings - People love our friendly Scheduling Center and our on-time bookings. You tell us when to show up and we’ll be there ready to clean. No more appointment windows!

Oxi Fresh Cleans Carpets

Our cleaning services extend into carpets as well. We clean thoroughly and efficiently, and we can have your carpet fresh and soft again in just one session. We pride ourselves on our carpet cleaning process and we would love to demonstrate for you exactly why people all over Green Bay prefer Oxi Fresh for their carpet cleaning needs. 

Give our Scheduling Center a call today at 920-243-7777 for help with booking your next Green Bay hardwood floor cleaning with Oxi Fresh.

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