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West Knoxville Commercial Carpet Cleaner


West Knoxville Commercial Carpet Cleaner

Immaculate floors are ideal for any workspace. However, over time, your floors can soil from heavy foot traffic. Don’t replace your carpets! Instead choose Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning as your West Knoxville commercial carpet cleaner. We will revitalize your floors and your space! 

Our oxygen-powered carpet cleanings provide first-rate results using advanced technology and fast dry times. You also have the ease of scheduling at a time that is convenient for you and your company with the help of our scheduling system. Not to mention that our products are eco-friendly and are safe for floors.

Do your carpets need a little TLC? Then let our West Knoxville commercial carpet cleaner give your floors a cleaning that will wow your guests. You’ll be amazed at what one cleaning can do!

Call 865-622-4004 today for more information! We can’t wait to assist you! 

The Oxi Fresh Advantage

With all the other West Knoxville commercial carpet cleaners available, why should you choose Oxi Fresh? 

Maintenance Programs and Affordable Prices: Oxi Fresh offers affordable carpet cleanings that give you exceptional results, plus we offer notable maintenance programs. These customizable cleaning schedules take all the work out of you keeping your floors clean.

Eco-Friendly: Oxi Fresh is The World’s Greenest Carpet Cleaner®. Our cleaning solutions are both pet and kid-friendly. We also use up to 95% less water in comparison to traditional steam cleaning because of our energy-efficient cleaning equipment.

Quick Drying – Minimal Disruption: We won’t oversaturate your floors with water, which allows your carpets to dry in about one hour. This is much faster than a traditional steam cleaning that can take up to 24 hours to dry. 


Our Five-Step Cleaning Process

When you book Oxi Fresh as your West Knoxville commercial carpet cleaner, we aim to give you a professional and detailed cleaning. You can expect our proven five-step process at each appointment:

Step 1 – First, we thoroughly examine your carpets, looking for any areas needing special attention. 

Step 2 – We use our enzyme-powered pretreatment solution on any particularly soiled areas.

Step 3 – Next, we apply our oxygenated cleaning solution, which helps assist the disintegration of dirt and grime, encapsulating it with tiny crystals to prevent it from reattaching to your carpet’s fibers. This will make it easier to remove. 

Step 4 – We then use our innovative OF1000 cleaning machine. With dual, counter-rotating brushes that reach deep into the carpet, this machine eradicates the dirt and debris without compressing your floor.

Step 5 – And for a final touch, we vacuum and groom your carpets.

Contact us at 865-622-4004 to schedule your West Knoxville commercial carpet cleaning today! We hope to hear from you soon.

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We inherited some old stains with our new house and ended up with some gnarly new ones from our puppy. I really was prepared for maybe 1/2 the stains to be gone and would have understood. But Libby got nearly all of them and the carpet we were about to rip up looks fantastic! She prepared us for realistic results & ended up exceeding our expectations. It was worth every penny. Doesn’t even look like the same carpet, thankfully! Thank you for your hard work, Libby! MF. - Huntersville, NC - 10/15/2021
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
LM. - Kaukauna, WI - 10/14/2021
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
MW. - Atchison, KS - 10/14/2021
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Travis Gran

Meet Travis Gran


Are you ready for your floors to look years younger? Travis Gran and his highly skilled team are ready to help. Using their green products and innovative technology, they will make your floors look pristine. Travis looks forward to assisting you as your West Knoxville commercial carpet cleaner!

Our Residential Carpet Cleanings

Did you know that Oxi Fresh doesn’t just do commercial cleanings? We can also take care of your residential cleaning needs too! Our eco-friendly carpet cleaning services in West Knoxville can give your home that revitalized feel that you’ve been missing.

Whether your needs are commercial or residential, we are here to help! Contact us at 865-622-4004 to reserve your appointment.

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