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Ada Hardwood Floor Cleaning


Ada Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood floors can open up a room and lighten the atmosphere. As long as they are well kept, they are beautiful and most homeowners want more hardwood. If they get dirty, you’ll need Ada hardwood floor cleaning by Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning. All the beauty they would bring becomes dark and dingy and makes the whole house feel unclean. 

Discolorations, dark smudge marks, and oily residues can all build up on a hardwood floor through nothing more than regular use. Some DIY products claim to clean the floor, but they leave behind a wax that has to be reapplied to the entire floor or it will become dull. Don’t risk it, let Oxi Fresh clean for you. 

To get our Ada hardwood floor cleaning, call the Scheduling Center at 580-447-2220. Set up your appointment and get ready for your hardwood floors to look clean and beautiful once again. 

How We Clean Hardwood

To achieve amazing results, we use our five-step process. This process has been developed over decades of experience and work. 

Step 1

We begin by inspecting the hardwood. If we notice any damage, we’ll take note and let you know. We are looking for the areas most heavily soiled during this inspection. 

Step 2

We will vacuum the hardwood, to remove debris that could cause damage during the cleaning process. 

Step 3

The OF2000 is now used, this amazing floor cleaning machine will apply our pretreatment solution to the floor. This enzyme-powered solution breaks down dirt and grime on a molecular level. 

Step 4

The OF2000 continues, now applying our core cleaning solution to the floor. Once this combination of approaches is over, the hardwood floor will be clean and clear. 

Step 5 (Optional)

We highly recommend this optional last step. We can now apply Oxi Floor Refinisher to the hardwood. This semi-glossy, temporary urethane coating will help protect against future buildup. 

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Carpet Cleaning Before and After Photos

Jase Rahill

Meet Calvin & Christa Johnson


Calvin and Christa Johnson are who you need when it comes time for hardwood floor cleaning in Ada. The Johnsons and their team are standing by and ready to get the cleaning done for you. Just make your appointment and watch them work, you’ll be amazed at how your floors look after only a single cleaning.

Why People Choose Oxi Fresh for Hardwood Floors

Oxi Fresh has several advantages, and when it comes to hardwood floors these help keep our customers coming back for more. 

No Sanding

Oxi Fresh doesn’t sand the floor or strip it. We don’t need to damage your hardwood in order to get it clean. Instead, we use modern solutions that break down dirt and grime. 

Fast and Efficient

Since we don’t have to sand or refinish the floor, our work is quick and easy. Once it is done, we will get out of your way. Oxi Fresh doesn’t waste your time. 

Easy Appointments

Oxi Fresh makes appointments easy by showing up when you schedule us. We don’t use scheduling windows, and we don’t overbook. We’ll be there when you need us. 

More Cleaning Options

Oxi Fresh doesn’t just provide Ada hardwood floor cleaning. Oxi Fresh does carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and tile and grout cleaning. Simply set up your appointment and free yourself from the hassle of dirty flooring. 

Call our Scheduling Center at 580-447-2220 and make your appointment today!

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