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Durham Steam Cleaning


Durham Steam Cleaning

Clean carpets enhance the coziness of your home, but dirt and grime will eventually contaminate your floors. Many will initially choose a Durham steam cleaning; however, there is a more effective, outstanding option.

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning services are ready to do the cleaning for you! We are a revolutionary carpet cleaner that utilizes green solutions and the power of oxygen to leave your carpets fresh and years younger. Relying on archaic Durham steam cleaning – which can take 12-24 hours to dry – will leave you frustrated. Instead, try our exceptional carpet services. Oxi Fresh can leave you with dry, clean carpets in just about one hour!

So what are you waiting for? Use our Online Scheduler or call us at 919-813-4343 today to book your next appointment! 

Steam Cleaning Disadvantages

It’s pretty common to expect a major disruption when having your carpets steam cleaned. The floors end up inundated with water, causing dry-times to be up to 24 hours long. Long dry times can be especially challenging when trying to shield your floors from children and pets for an extended amount of time.

Steam cleaning can also have a negative effect called “wickback” – this is when a spot disappears at first but comes back later. Oversaturation and a failure to accurately remove the stain are the culprits. With long dry times and the potential of wickback, Durham steam cleaning obviously isn’t the ideal option for your floors.

Fortunately, Oxi Fresh has the ultimate remedy – our minimal moisture, fast drying carpet cleaning service provides exceptional outcomes that only take about an hour to dry!

Book with us today! Head to our easy-to-use Online Scheduler or call us at 919-813-4343. We are ready to make your floors immaculate!

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Drew did an excellent job. My carpets have never looked better. He confirmed before arrival, showed up on time and did a really thorough, professional job. I'll absolutely hire him again. Very pleased. MO. - Bend, OR - 06/21/2021
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JH. - West Fargo, ND - 06/20/2021
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AJ. - The Woodlands, TX - 06/20/2021
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Fred & Christina Lockhart

Meet Fred and Christina Lockhart


Fred and Christina Lockhart and their professional team are ready to amaze you with their effective, fast-drying carpet cleaning service. Using both the finest technology and most advanced techniques, they bring excellent solutions for your floors. Fred and Christina Lockhart are excited to clean your floors soon in Durham.

The Oxi Fresh Process

As a proven and successful carpet cleaning company, we take pride in offering you a genuinely innovative cleaning system that successfully removes dirt and grime quickly and efficiently. Our verified cleaning process produces exceptional results. With a drying wait time of about one hour, Durham steam cleaning just doesn’t make the cut against Oxi Fresh.

Here is what you can look forward to when scheduling an exceptional carpet cleaning service with Oxi Fresh:

Step 1 – First, we thoroughly examine your carpets looking for any heavily contaminated parts that may require extra care.

Step 2 – Our cleaning process commences by applying our enzyme-powered pretreatment solution. This assists in the breakdown of obstinate oils and dirt that have been lingering in the carpet. 

Step 3 – Next, we use our core carpet cleaning solution. This is a two-part combination of products. The first is an oxygenated booster that breaks down dirt, and the second is an exceptional encapsulator that catches the dirt into tiny microscopic crystals. This step is essential to produce our stunning results, as it inhibits any dirt from reattaching to the carpet fibers.

Step 4 – We then utilize our professional carpet cleaning machine that features counter-rotating brushes. These do a fantastic job of lifting debris from deep in the carpet’s fibers. The thorough, deep cleaning of the brushes will make your carpets look great compressing your floor.

Step 5 – Lastly, we vacuum and groom the carpets.

We are confident our process will prove successful at removing the years of dirt and grime attached to your floors. Even better, unlike Durham steam cleaning, your carpets will dry in about one hour!

Residential and Commercial Services

Another great perk, aside from cleaning carpets in your home, Oxi Fresh can take care of your commercial carpet cleaning needs! Both our residential and commercial carpet cleanings will help you create a warm and inviting place for visitors.

Don’t hesitate to contact us via our Online Scheduler or at 919-813-4343 today!

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