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Rome Hardwood Floor Cleaning


Rome Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood floors are beautiful and durable, but over time they can become dirty. Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is here to offer Rome hardwood floor cleaning that can ensure your hardwood floors don’t turn into eyesores. No one wants to see the dark spots, discolorations, and oily smudges on a dirty hardwood floor.

To take care of the floors Oxi Fresh doesn’t need to resort to sanding or toxic varnishes. We use modern solutions and revolutionary cleaning equipment. We break down the dirt and grime; we don’t damage the floor to get it clean. This means that our cleaning is fast and efficient. 

If you’re ready for the hardwood floors in your home to look great again, then order your Rome hardwood floor cleaning from Oxi Fresh. Call our Scheduling Center at 706-310-8550 today. 

How We Clean 

Oxi Fresh delivers high-quality results every time we clean, and to do that we follow a five-step process. 

Step 1 – First we will examine the floor, looking for where dirt and grime are accumulating. 

Step 2 – Second, we will vacuum the floor. This is done to remove debris and grit, and prevent the grit from damaging the floor when the weight of our cleaning equipment is on it. 

Step 3 – Third, we will use the OF2000, a revolutionary cleaning machine, to apply our pretreatment solution to the floor. The enzymes in this pretreatment will break down grime on a molecular level. 

Step 4 – Continuing to use the OF2000, we will make another pass using our core cleaning solution on the floor. 

Step 5 – This step is optional, but we highly recommend it. We can apply Oxi Floor Refinisher, a semi-gloss, temporary urethane coating that protects the floor.

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Ralph Sorrentino

Meet Ralph Sorrentino


Ralph Sorrentino and his team are proud of the Rome hardwood floor cleaning that they can provide you and your home. They are experts at getting hardwood floors looking years younger, and they never need to sand or use toxic varnishes to get the results you deserve.

Why Choose Oxi Fresh?

There are a lot of reasons to choose Oxi Fresh. Here are a few for you to consider when making your next cleaning appointment: 

High-Quality Results - Oxi Fresh delivers results every time we clean. We use modern solutions that break down dirt and grime, dissolving it off of your floor. We don’t rely on sanding or varnishes to strip floors or hide dirt. 

Fast and Efficient - Due to our methods, we will clean your hardwood floor and be out of your house in no time. We don’t waste your time or ours when it comes to cleaning. 

Easy Appointments - It couldn’t be easier to make an appointment with Oxi Fresh. We don’t use scheduling windows; instead we show up on time and ready to clean. 

More Cleaning Options 

Oxi Fresh does more than hardwood floor cleaning in Rome. We can’t wait to do your upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and residential and commercial carpet cleaning

Whether in your house or business, Oxi Fresh can get the job done. Call our Scheduling Center at 706-310-8550 today.

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