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Rome, GA - Carpet Cleaning

Want your home’s floors to look and feel years younger? Oxi Fresh is ready to provide you with a quality Rome carpet cleaning that does away with the dirt! We can get the carpets in your home looking years younger thanks to the power of oxygen.

Our modern cleaning process can achieve amazing results for you and your floors. We employ a powerful cleaning system that combines the power of oxygen, a modern cleaning machine, and the expertise of highly-trained technicians. Together, they make for a cleaning system that is truly world-class—plus our carpets dry in about an hour!

It’s time for the carpet cleaning in Rome that you deserve. Oxi Fresh is standing by to get the work done! Just book online or call us at 706-310-8550 to set up your appointment today.

Our Cleaning Process

Curious about what goes into our carpet cleaning process? Here’s a breakdown of our cleaning process:

Step 1
We begin with an inspection to find any areas of carpet with heavier soiling.

Step 2
If we find heavy soiling, we prepare and apply our pretreatment solution. This solution utilizes powerful but safe enzymes that rapidly go after impacted dirt and oils.

Step 3
Our core cleaning solution is now applied to the carpet. This solution, a combination of an encapsulator and an oxygenated booster, does two things. It quickly breaks down dirt and then traps said dirt in tiny crystals.

Step 4
Next comes the OF1000, our powerful cleaning machine. Using its dual brushes, we’ll thoroughly clean the carpet and break down any trapped debris.

Step 5
We’ll finish up the Rome carpet cleaning with a thorough vacuuming and grooming, leaving the floors looking lovely.

What Customers Are Saying

Average 4.5 stars (Out of 5)

Based on 14 Carpet Cleaning Services Reviews
Our room with the worst carpet didn't get as clean as we had hoped. Maybe going over it one more time would have helped. SS. - Rome, GA - 04/16/2024
(4.0 Out of 5 stars)
My service technician, Ross, was super friendly and helpful. I am a live in care provider for my grandfather who has dementia. He has owned his house for 40 years and I think they replaced the carpet in the area that we had cleaned once before many years ago. Over the last couple of years as my grandad's condition has become worse, he has been unable to clean up after himself. Although I do the best I can, there is only so much I can do when it comes to carpet. We have bought one or 2 different carpet cleaners and had no luck. He dips, which you can imagine is a nightmare but has done it for as long as I can remember and snacks on sweets and cereal ALL the time . He paces through the house with his walker so there's a distinct outline on the carpet you can see where he ends up spilling food or drinks. Me and my mom were both happy with how it turned out. We didn't expect it to look brand new given how old it is but it does look so much better, smells better, and will suffice until we decide to replace it in the future. I also appreciated Ross for being kind and understanding, not seeming to judge. He even commented on how taking care of someone with this disease takes compassion. I was his last job the day before Thanksgiving and he asked to come earlier than our scheduled time due to another cancellation and I wasn't done getting ready for him and he was understanding about it. Hopefully he still went home, got everything done, and enjoyed his Thanksgiving! MA. - Silver Creek, GA - 11/24/2023
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Everything JA. - Rome, GA - 03/09/2023
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Ralph Sorrentino

Meet Ralph Sorrentino


Ralph Sorrentino is who you want cleaning the carpet for you. Ralph and his motivated team of Rome carpet cleaners can’t wait to take your home’s carpets and leave them looking and feeling years younger. They hope to serve you soon!

Companies That Give Back in Rome

Oxi Fresh is proud to be an eco-friendly carpet cleaning company that helps keep Rome green. At Oxi Fresh, we use:

  • Low Moisture Cleaning Method: The Oxi Fresh cleaning process doesn’t require dozens upon dozens of gallons of water to get floors looking great. We can transform a home with just two gallons of water—about 95% less than what many steam cleaners require. This means lots of water saved in Rome and a much faster dry time.
  • Green Carpet Cleaning Products: Oxi Fresh is proud to use safe but powerful carpet cleaning solutions. They can really give dirt the boot while still being safe for people, pets, and the planet.
  • Energy Efficient Machines: All Oxi Fresh equipment requires just a normal wall outlet for power. That’s different than many steam cleaners that require truck-mounted systems for power. That means Oxi Fresh produces less air and noise pollution when cleaning your home.

Giving Back with

Oxi Fresh is a proud supporter of This nonprofit helps families in Africa, Asia, and Latin America get reliable access to safe water and sanitation. Through their innovative strategies, they’ve helped tens of millions, and they’re working to help even more people.

Every time you make an appointment for Rome carpet cleaning using our Online Scheduler at, we will make a donation to Get the clean carpets you deserve and help those in the world who are less fortunate.

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