Andre Phinnessee and Andrea Renee Woods

Decatur Hardwood Floor Cleaning


Decatur Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood floors can be a real pain to take care of, and the cleaning and upkeep of the beautiful wood can be expensive. However, a Decatur hardwood floor cleaning from Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning can have your floors looking years younger at an affordable price!

Our innovative methods use the latest technology coupled with powerful equipment and eco-friendly solutions that provide amazing results! Our cleaning systems are safe but gentle on your floors. We don’t use any harsh sanding or varnishes during the process, eliminating pesky dust. You will notice an amazing difference after only one Oxi Fresh hardwood floor cleaning!  

Need to book a hardwood floor cleaning? Call our helpful Scheduling Center at 404-946-5454! We look forward to cleaning for you!

How We Clean for You

Our expert technicians know how to properly clean your floors without damaging them. We remove any dirt and grime without harsh sanding or varnishes! Our machines are powerful but safe!

If you’re still not sure, here’s what a Decatur hardwood floor cleaning will look like:

Step 1 – First, we begin with a complete inspection of your floors, searching for any heavily-impacted areas or tough stains. After, we discuss the desired and expected results.  

Step 2 – Next, your floors are vacuumed thoroughly with our outstanding wood floor cleaning equipment. The machine extracts any loose residue or debris that could damage your floors during the cleaning process.   

Step 3 – When the vacuuming is complete, the OF2000 wood floor cleaning machine and our specially-formulated pretreatment solution work together to remove dirt easier. The pretreatment solution helps to break down any dirt or grime, and the process will not over-saturate your carpets and upholstery.

Step 4 – To finish, the OF2000 machine and our core cleaning solution are combined to make your floors look amazing once again!

Step 5 (Optional) – We also offer an extra service that will protect your floors into the future. Our Oxi Floor Refinisher is a protective product that gives a temporary urethane coating with a semi-gloss finish. 

Call us at 404-946-5454 to book an appointment today! 


Why People Use Oxi Fresh 


Zero Sanding – We use cleaning methods that are effective but gentle on your floors. We don’t use any harsh sanding that could lead to unwanted dust! Our Decatur hardwood floor cleaning is powerful but safe.

Quick Cleanings – We try to finish our cleanings quickly so you don’t have to wait around all day. We use quick-drying processes that won’t oversaturate your floors.

Easy Appointments – Our technicians will not waste your time with irritating, random “window appointments.” Our Scheduling Center will find the right appointment time for you, and that is when our technicians will arrive. This allows you to have more time to your day.

Acrylic Wax Removal – Wax build-up can be a major issue with DIY products. DIY products that involve these waxes can make the floors look nice and shiny, but more wax has to be added in order to keep that shine. The wax accumulates over time and must be removed in order to properly clean the hardwood floors.

At Oxi Fresh, we offer an acrylic wax removal service that will eliminate the wax build-up on your floors, allowing them to be cleaned correctly. Ask your technician if this is needed on your floors after your Decatur hardwood floor cleaning!

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The technician mr. Elvis very professional took pride in what he did didn't mind explaining some concern I had about a bed gaining from the carpet being wet his explanation I was satisfied I will be calling back MB. - Washington, DC - 01/23/2022
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Alim was very professional and courteous and a. Pleasure to with with at our house SB. - Owings Mills, MD - 01/23/2022
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Andre Phinnessee and Andrea Renee Woods

Meet Andre Phinnessee and Andrea Renee Woods


Andre Phinnessee and Andrea Renee Woods have assembled a team of qualified professionals that understand how to get your carpets clean without damaging them. Their team uses powerful equipment with safe solutions that will bring out the beauty of your floors. Andre and Andrea want to help you with Decatur hardwood floor cleaning!

Our Additional Services

We also offer tile and grout cleanings, upholstery cleanings, disinfection services, and carpet cleaning services for both residential and commercial properties!

Need a hardwood floor cleaning or any of our other services? Contact our helpful Scheduling Center at 404-946-5454 today! 

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