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Ottawa carpet cleaning location
Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning
Hours of Operation:
Mon - Fri 8am - 7pm
Sat 8am - 5pm
Sun Closed
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Hours of Operation:
Mon - Fri 8am - 7pm
Sat 8am - 5pm
Sun Closed

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning – Ottawa

What makes a good Ottawa carpet cleaner? Someone who make dirt and debris disappear, of course, but also cares about customer service and uses a cleaning system that is safe for the environment.

Oxi Fresh of Ottawa Carpet Cleaning does all of those things! As a locally owned and operated business, we're committed to rescuing your carpets with our oxygen-powered cleanings while amazing you with exceptional service.

When Oxi Fresh is finished revitalizing your carpets, we want you to be smiling at how fresh and clean everything feels and at how fast it dries! That's right - Oxi Fresh Cleanings dry quickly, usually in just an hour or two!

Oxi Fresh does all this while relying on green cleaning products, using energy-efficient equipment, and employing a water-conserving technique. We'll get your home looking clean while also keeping it green!

Call Oxi Fresh today to schedule your green carpet or upholstery cleaning. We can't wait to serve you!

Meet Dimos Agraniotis


Dimos, your Ottawa carpet cleaner, has one goal: to deliver the best customer service with each and every appointment. He wants to serve his friends and neighbors and to leave them absolutely stunned with Oxi Fresh and its fantastic results.

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning Customer Reviews

Average 4.5 stars - based on 337 reviews

- Gloucester, ON - 02/20/2017
( 5 / 5 stars )

My initial telephone contact was friendly and efficient. I was able to get the service I needed without delay The serviceman called ahead and arrived on time. The serviceman was friendly and professional and MY CARPETS ARE CLEAN

- Ottawa, ON - 02/20/2017
( 5 / 5 stars )

Courteous service person Fast appointment Quick drying time Great results!

- Nepean, ON - 02/18/2017
( 5 / 5 stars )

I've cleaned my furniture in the past and it should take more than 45 minutes to clean a sofa and three chairs. It's not a race. Years of dirt have accumulated on these pieces and it should be a slow and methodical clean. Also I was hoping for a fresh scent. I don't usually complain but you did ask. I feel that if I could do a better job with a 'Little Green Machine', which by the way does not do a great job, then there's a problem. I was hoping for a deep steam clean to really remove dirt and odours. Thanks for letting me vent.

- Orléans, ON - 02/15/2017
( 1 / 5 stars )

In the Community

Oxi Fresh knows that businesses have a duty to protect our beautiful environment. That's why we've worked hard to create an Ottawa carpet cleaning service that not only revitalizes carpeting, but also is safe for the environment.

Our carpet cleaning solution is eco-friendly and safe for pets and children. We also use energy-efficient cleaning machines that cut down on air and noise pollution. Oxi Fresh also uses 95% less water than other cleaners, allowing us to save the city thousands upon thousands of gallons of water every year.

At Oxi Fresh of Ottawa, we do everything we can to make our community a cleaner, greener place.

The top image is "Purple at dusk" by Jamie McCaffrey. It is licensed under CC BY 2.0.