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Freehold, NJ - Carpet Cleaning

Are soiled carpets becoming a problem in your home? No one wants a dirty carpet ruining the way their home looks. Freehold carpet cleaning by Oxi Fresh can take care of that problem for you, removing the grime, dirt, and oils that would leave your carpet dark and dingy.

Not only are we incredibly effective at cleaning carpets, but we also use solutions and equipment that are eco-friendly. We don’t waste water, using 95% less than other methods, and our equipment requires a normal wall socket, not a mobile generator. On top of that, Oxi Fresh doesn’t waste your time, and the carpets we clean dry in around an hour.

If you’re ready for a carpet cleaning in Freehold, Oxi Fresh is ready to get started. Use our Online Scheduler or call us at 732-410-6444 and speak to our Scheduling Center to make your appointment today!

Our Process

When you have Oxi Fresh come clean your carpet, you want to know what to expect. This will give you an idea of how we get carpets clean.

Step 1: We begin by inspecting the area, checking the carpet for heavy soiling and damage. We will keep you in the loop, letting you know what we find and what you can expect from our session.

Step 2: Our enzyme-powered pretreatment solution helps to start the cleaning process off by breaking down the thickest layers of grime and dirt on the carpet.

Step 3: Now we move on to using our core cleaning solution. This amazing solution breaks down grime while also encapsulating debris and grit in micro-crystals for easy removal.

Step 4: The OF1000, our revolutionary cleaning machine, uses dual, counter-rotating brush heads to break down dirt and grime that is clinging to the fibers of your carpet.

Step 5: Before we finish, we go back over the carpet, vacuuming and grooming it. This leaves the carpet with a pristine, professional finish.

What Customers Are Saying

Average 4.7 stars (Out of 5)

Based on 73 Carpet Cleaning Services Reviews
Evan was wonderful! Took his time and did a great job. LB. - Freehold, NJ - 04/09/2024
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Greg got out stains i never thought would come out. Also the rugs are pretty much dry in about an hour. AS. - Freehold, NJ - 12/20/2023
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Excellent & Quick Service! GH. - Freehold, NJ - 09/23/2021
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Ernie Spinelli

Meet Ernie Spinelli


Ernie Spinelli have years of experience cleaning carpets. Their team is prepared to deliver the Freehold carpet cleaning that you need. Let them get started right away, call our Scheduling Center at 732-410-6444 today.

Companies That Give Back in Freehold

It is a deeply held belief at Oxi Fresh that companies have a responsibility to do more than make money. We try to give back and to help protect this world that we all share.

To this end, we’ve spent decades working on and perfecting our eco-friendly approach to cleaning. We use solutions rated by the EPA as Safer Choice, we use machines that require only 5% of the water that steam cleaning does. Our equipment uses regular electricity from a wall socket, we don’t need mobile generators to clean.

More Than Cleaning

There’s more to help the world than cleaning, which is why Oxi Fresh has partnered with This amazing nonprofit organization is active across the globe, helping millions find solutions to their clean water problems. Despite their work, millions still need help.

When you book an appointment using our Online Scheduler for Freehold carpet cleaning, we will make sure that a donation is given to so that they can continue doing their good work and helping people.

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