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Hours of Operation:
Mon - Fri 8am-7pm
Sat 8am-5pm
Sun Closed

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning – Owatonna, MN

A dirty carpet isn’t just a dirty carpet. It can make the whole room – even the whole house – feel down and out. Thankfully, an Owatonna carpet cleaning with Oxi Fresh can bring it right back!

We use a revolutionary system that cleans deep through the power of oxygen. Our solutions rapidly break down the grime and oils in your carpeting. Once the dirt has been handled, our encapsulator comes in and captures it all in microscopic crystals. Finally, our carpet cleaning machine lifts the encapsulated debris up and out of the carpet. Once we’re done, the floors will feel fresh once more.

This unique Owatonna carpet cleaning technique is not only highly effective, but it’s also fast drying. With an old-fashioned steam cleaner, you would get stuck with a soggy carpet that takes 12-24 hours to dry. With Oxi Fresh, though, your carpets dry in just about an hour! Say goodbye to having to tiptoe across wet carpets all day and hello to fresh floors that dry fast.

Proud as we are to rescue carpets from years of dirt, that’s not all we can do for your home. Oxi Fresh also offers upholstery cleaning! So if that sofa is in a sorry-state or that reclining chair is on the decline, Oxi Fresh can refresh and revitalize them!

If you’re ready to say “Goodbye” to the dirt and spots, then it’s time to say “Hello” to Oxi Fresh’s Owatonna carpet cleanings. With just a few clicks on www.oxifresh.com, you can book an appointment that will leave your home feeling fresh once more.

Our online scheduler makes it easier and faster than ever to make an appointment for an Oxi Fresh Carpet cleaning. With just a few clicks you’ll know exactly when to expect a team of cleaning professionals to arrive at your door.

Meet Mike Alcott


Mike Alcott loves providing Owatonna carpet cleanings that help his friends and neighbors keep their homes looking and feeling lovely. He and his team work tirelessly to ensure every home they visit looks and feels fantastic by the time they’re done. Mike can’t wait to serve you!

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning Customer Reviews

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In the Community

We all have a responsibility to keep our hometown and planet as healthy as we can, and that’s why Oxi Fresh is proud to be the World’s Greenest Carpet Cleaner®.

Our carpet cleaning solutions are both powerful and eco-friendly. When we use them on your home’s carpets, you’ll see the dirt break apart while resting easy in the knowledge that they are safe for kids, pets, and the planet.

We also use an energy-efficient system that doesn’t require power from a truck-mounted system. We just need a normal power outlet for our Owatonna carpet cleanings, eliminating the old-fashioned equipment that pumps out air pollution.

Perhaps the most significant way we’re helping keep things green, though, is in water conservation. Our low-moisture cleaning system, which gets world-class results with a fast dry time, reduces water consumption by 95% when compared to steam cleaning. Where those traditional cleaners need 40-60 gallons of water to clean a home, we just need 2 gallons!

Beyond being green, Oxi Fresh is also proud to help out others by supporting Water.org. This organization works with people around the world, helping them develop safe, sanitary water sources for their community. It’s a desperately important mission – there are hundreds of millions of people who don’t have access to safe water.

That’s why, whenever a customer books a cleaning with Oxi Fresh through our Online Scheduler, we donate to Water.org. So the next time you need an Owatonna carpet cleaning with Oxi Fresh, be sure to book online. You’ll get the same great cleaning and will be able to help out people in need around the world.

The top image is The Lone Tree ~ Owatonna, MN by Dustin Gaffke. It is licensed under CC BY 2.0.