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Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning – Bloomingdale, IL


Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning - Bloomingdale, IL

It’s easy to forget things like the carpets when life gets busy. You’re taking care of your family, the pets are running around, guests come and go, and you’re left with one tough balancing act. When you finally do have time to look down at the carpets, you may notice that they’re looking a lot worse for wear. Life, after all, takes its toll on floors.

Thankfully, you know the right company to call to get your carpets back on their feet - Oxi Fresh of Bloomingdale Carpet Cleaning. Unlike those old-fashioned companies who drench carpets and get mediocre results, Oxi Fresh utilizes modern methods and the power of oxygen to make carpets feel fresh, look great, and dry in just one hour.

After we’ve rescued the carpets, Oxi Fresh can also revitalize other areas in your home. When that kitchen tile starts looking a bit grimy, we’re here for you. When the sofa has seen better days, Oxi Fresh can save it. When the wood floor in the dining room loses its gleam, our sand-less cleaning system can bring it back.

Whatever your cleaning need, from carpet to upholstery, Oxi Fresh of Bloomingdale Carpet Cleaning is the right company to call. We hope to clean for you soon!

Hours of Operation:
Mon - Fri: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
Sat: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
Sun: Closed
We Proudly Serve:
Bloomingdale, Keeneyville, Medinah, Roselle, Hanover Park, Schaumburg,
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Carpets looked great! ES. - Bloomingdale, IL - 07/01/2021
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
PG. - Bloomingdale, IL - 02/12/2020
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
40 minutes late to appointment. Guy talked more than he worked. Kept asking me weird questions. Saw I had furniture on my porch. Asked to have it. Recommended a service without specifying that there was an extra charge. Was charged $80 over my estimate. JB. - Wood Dale, IL - 11/19/2019
(2.5 Out of 5 stars)
Lance & Maruska Stubblefield

Meet Lance & Maruska Stubblefield


For Lance & Maruska Stubblefield and their team of Bloomingdale carpet cleaners, one of their favorite parts of the day is seeing customers’ reactions. When they show a customer a carpet that looks years younger or a chair that’s been rescued from being thrown away, the Oxi Fresh team loves seeing the customer’s happy face and hearing them say “Wow!” These franchisees are proud to own multiple locations!

Companies That Give Back in Bloomingdale

Bloomingdale is an amazing city that deserves businesses that will help keep it great. That’s one of the reasons Lance is committed to being the Worlds’ Greenest Carpet Cleaner®, because through Oxi Fresh he can help keep the community green, healthy, and strong.

To that end, Lance & Maruska's team uses green carpet cleaning products. These solutions have been carefully designed to both maximize their cleaning power and safety; they can break apart years of dirt while still being safe for kids, pets, and the eco-system.

Oxi Fresh of Bloomingdale Carpet Cleaning also uses modern cleaning equipment that does not require power from a van’s running engine. This sets us apart from most steam cleaners, whose vehicles have to run during an appointment and therefore pump out air and noise pollution. Oxi Fresh, on the other hand, only needs a normal wall outlet for power.

The most important way we’re green is in our water conservation efforts. Rather than saturating a home’s carpets in 40-60 gallons of water, Oxi Fresh only needs to use two gallons. That’s a 95% reduction in water use compared to steam cleaners, meaning we can make carpets look amazing and help the city save tens of thousands of gallons of water every year.

For your next cleaning, go with the green cleaner that cares - go with Oxi Fresh of Bloomingdale Carpet Cleaning.

The World's Greenest Carpet Cleaner®

Our eco-friendly cleaning process and products are better for your family and the environment


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Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is Helping Bring Water to the World

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