“Water, Water, Everywhere”

Most everyone knows that the earth’s surface is seventy percent water (largely undrinkable), humans are 70% water, and that (surprise, surprise) clean drinking water is always in demand. These are pretty basic facts that even most schoolkids could tell you.  But something most people don’t realize is just how much water we can end up wasting on a daily basis if we’re not careful. Running the sink while we brush our teeth, letting the shower run a minute or two before we get in, washing dishes using running water rather than filling up the sink basin a little. All of these things lead to a loss of clean water.

And a big perpetrator of excess water use – and consequent waste – are carpet cleaning companies.  The traditional carpet cleaning method most people know as “steam cleaning” is actually more accurately described as hot water extraction. The cleaners will use around 60 gallons of water in order to clean a normal home. Quite a bit of that water is left in carpet, and the rest, when pulled out, is considered gray water. It’s full of chemicals, dirt, and contaminants. Generally this has to be disposed of, which means a lot of water is wasted.There are, however, alternatives to participating in this unfortunate process. Rather than having your carpets soaked from your carpet cleaning service, you can get an Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning that dries quickly and uses about only 2 gallons per home. But how do we clean without tons of water? Well, we do it by using the power of oxygen to break up dirt and stains, safely removing the spills and spots in your carpet. That leaves you with a professionally cleaned carpet that dries quickly and prevents water waste.

And when you look at the amount of water we save on a bigger scale, you can begin to see just how much of an impact Oxi Fresh’s green carpet cleaning can have on water conservation. Now, Oxi Fresh uses about 2 gallons per home, where steam cleaners can use around 60 gallons in a home. There are over 100 million households in America, so let’s say each home gets one cleaning this year. If they all used steam cleaners, that would be around 6 billion gallons of water used in cleaning. Oxi Fresh would only use two hundred million. That means Oxi Fresh could save upwards of 5,800,000,000 gallons of water a year! That’s quite a bit of water isn’t it?

So when you decide to pick a carpet cleaner, be sure to choose one who keeps both great cleaning, short dry times, and water conservation in mind. If you would like to read more about this, click here for a press release about our fast drying carpet cleaning!

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