Victorious Vinegar: 3 Great Cleaning Tips

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Woman Cleaning Windows

Vinegar isn’t something you think about every day. It’s always there in the pantry for the occasional salad dressing or marinade, but that’s about it.

Yet vinegar is a wonder liquid with dozens of uses that’s also safe and economical. Now we don’t want to go over each and every use of vinegar(it would take too long), so here are 3 great and easy ways to use it around the home.

1. Washing Windows
Let’s start by cleaning our windows with vinegar. Now, if you’re looking for a very detailed guide, here’s a step-by-step breakdown.

We can summarize it pretty easily though: mix white vinegar with hot water (1:1), spritz or sponge it onto the windows (your preference), and then wipe the windows down with a paper towel or a squeegee (your preference again).

That’s it! A green and great way to clean windows.

2. Saving Shower Heads
Have mineral deposits on your shower head? Is the water going every which way but the way you want?

Unscrew the shower head and put it in a bowl full of white vinegar – make sure it’s fully immersed. Let it soak anywhere from half an hour to several hours (even overnight if it has extreme buildup).

Rinse the shower head off and use an old brush or rag to give it a good scrubbing (in case there are any stubborn deposits). Dry it off and reinstall the shower head.

If the shower head is brass or has a nickel or gold finish, only soak it for half an hour at a time before rinsing it off. You can repeat the soak after that, but you don’t want it to sit for more than 30 minutes at a time.

3. Un-Sticking Stickers
You found the perfect thing from the antique shop, but it’s got a nasty, cheap sticker on it. You’ve done your best to peel it off, but there’s still bits of paper and gummy residue. Yuck.

Just mix some white vinegar with hot water (1:1) and dampen a paper towel in it. Wipe the sticker area down and let the solution dwell for about five minutes. After that, wipe the area down again and lightly scrape off the gummy residue (the vinegar should have loosened it).

Wipe the spot down with a wet towel (water only) and then dry it thoroughly.

Thanks to Great Day Improvements,, Martha Stewart, Jennifer Stimpson of this Old House Magazine, and for the great tips!