The Denver Business Journal and Oxi Fresh

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In past blog posts we’ve talked about Jonathan Barnett and his remarkable accomplishment in creating a company as a young man, and, even more remarkable, making it profitable very quickly. But what’s great is that others are beginning to show interest in his accomplishment – namely the Denver Business Journal and their writer Bruce Goldberg. A few weeks ago they published an article about Jonathan, giving a brief overview of his accomplishments. I just wanted to share a few excerpts with you, so you can get an idea of the article as a whole.

The entrepreneurial Jonathan Barnett is only 30, but he’s found the key to cleaning up in business.

Carpet cleaning, that is. He started the Lakewood-based Oxi Fresh in 2006, and the business has grown extraordinarily fast to 211 locations nationwide. The company owns four of them, and 140 franchisees own the rest.

“And we want to grow by 40 to 60 franchises a year,” he says, adding that eventually, Oxi Fresh will expand to other countries, starting with Canada and Australia.”

Oxi Fresh says it differs from competitors because because its low-moisture cleaning agent enables carpets to dry in one hour, far less than the standard 24 or more hours that other methods require.

As good as this article is, there’s actually quite a bit more that separates us from other carpet cleaning companies than just our dry time, so let’s look at a few of those chief differences. First, of course, is the water. Many hot water extraction methods (a.k.a. steam cleaning) require about 60 gallons of water in order to clean a home. We only require two gallons per home. And, yes, this means fast drying carpets, but it also saves fifty eight gallons of water from becoming contaminated with chemicals. Further separating our green carpet cleaning from our competitors, we use a cleaning solutions that are not only effective at removing strains, but also safe for pets, children, and the environment. This means you can not only be astonished at how clean your carpets look after we’re done, you can walk on them without fear from chemicals. Then there are our energy conservation efforts, our pile lifting technology, and other unique features that make us one of the best carpet cleaning options available.

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