Stretching the Spring

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Alas poor Mr. Slinky, I knew him well.

Have you ever tried to play with a stretched-out Slinky? Perhaps you damaged it by accident, wanting to see how far it could stretch and were then left with a deformed metal coil. You try to push it down the stairs, but it can only go down a step or two before veering off course. It’s rather pathetic and depressing.

And in an equally stretched and tortured analogy, you shouldn’t try to stretch your Spring Cleaning to cover an entire year – especially for any carpet cleaning you had done. You’ve got to put effort into maintaining your carpet year round or it can end up damaged beyond repair.

If you haven’t had a carpet cleaning company like Oxi Fresh clean your carpets, you should.¬† A professional cleaning will remove the worst of embedded stains, dirt, oils, etc. and will give your carpet a fresh start. After the cleaning, though, there are a few things you’ll want to do to keep it looking good past the Spring months.

1.) Vacuum

This is perhaps the most obvious and least enjoyable aspect of maintenance. Regular vacuuming at least two to three times per week will capture the vast majority of dust before it can be worked into the carpet.

2.) Buffer

Protecting  your carpet from future stains is vital, so you want to establish buffers between the carpet and people/food/dirt. Area rugs near doors, runners in hallways, rules about food on the carpet, applying a protectant when you get carpet cleaning services Рall of these things will help protect your investment.

3.) Be Vigilant

Of course, spills are inevitable, but all you have to do is be ready for them and it’ll greatly reduce the damage they can do. This link will take you to a guide on how to deal with common spills – it was created by Oxi Fresh to honor National Spring Cleaning Week. We hope it helps.

Following these three steps will help keep the Spring Carpet Cleaning you got looking fresher and healthier much longer. You’ll still want to get your carpet cleaned professionally every six to nine months. Only professionals like Oxi Fresh have the equipment necessary to provide an exceptionally deep cleaning.

Good luck and have a great Spring! Buy yourself a Slinky while you’re at it.