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Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning: if you look us up online, you’ll see that we frequently mention the fact that we provide green carpet cleaning.  As a matter of fact, we say that we’re the World’s Greenest Carpet Cleaner (R). Why? Well, because we are.  Our carpet cleaning method is environmentally friendly, but not just in one way. We aren’t a one-trick pony.  As a matter of fact, there are three big ways Oxi Fresh does its part to help keep our environment healthy.

The first is water conservation. Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is a low moisture system, something we’ve mentioned before, but we may have not made it clear just how much water we save. A typical steam cleaner will use 40 gallons of water in order to clean an average sized home.  That’s over three hundred pounds of water for a home. When they extract this water, or try to, what’s taken out is traditionally considered waste water and has to be discarded.

Not so with Oxi Fresh and our green carpet cleaning. Where they use 40 gallons, we use 2.  Oxi Fresh uses 5% of the water that a steam cleaner does and we do a better job as well.  Our deep cleaning bristles and green cleaning products clean more effectively than gallons and gallons of water. So, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning provides a better cleaning while not wasting 38 gallons of water.

So, we can see how Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is green because we manage to save a lot of water with our low-moisture system, something that is increasingly important in today’s world.  But there’s another thing that we manage to save with our system. Energy.

To start off, for our carpet cleaning we use energy efficient machines, saving energy right away. Of course, as useful as the machines are, they’re just a small part of Oxi Fresh’s overall plan to help our environment through energy conservation. Another aspect of our green carpet cleaning is the fact that we don’t use truck mounted machines.

Steam cleaners need to use truck mounted equipment so that they can pump in and out the water they use. That means the truck is often left running for the length of the job, pumping needless pollutants into the air.  That waste of energy and that pointless pollution is easily avoidable with our carpet cleaning service.

Another environmental disadvantage of steam cleaning is the fact that they leave your doors and windows open. In order to do their cleaning, they have to have hoses connecting their equipment to the car, requiring doors and windows be left open so they can trail their hoses through. Plus, in order to dry the carpet, you’ll often have to leave the doors and windows open anyway.

This results in lost heat in winter and lost cold air in summer – requiring you to waste energy readjusting the temperature in your home. Choosing us over other carpet cleaning companies means you don’t have to worry about that.  You can keep the doors and windows closed and your carpets will still dry in about an hour.

Finally, because we’re not pumping in hot water or extracting dirty water, we simply do not need to use as much energy as steam cleaners.  Water is very heavy, and the energy wasted in moving all of that water is significant. Oxi Fresh is able to do a far superior job while using less energy and being environmentally responsible.

Of course, if Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning used harsh chemicals as part of our basic cleaning, no amount of water or energy saved could really make us a green carpet cleaning company.  That’s part of the reason we use our green carpet cleaning products, but another reason we use them is that they’re extremely effective when it comes to cleaning stains.  The oxygen and sodium in the Oxi Fresh cleaning solutions work together to provide an amazingly powerful cleaning agent that get easily get rid of most everyday stains.

The oxygen in the solution actively breaks up the stains and dirt that have attached themselves to the carpet fibers. Since oxygen is one of the more powerful cleaning agents on earth, it does a fantastic job.  In the same solution is a sodium based encapsulator, and it does something very special in the Oxi Fresh cleaning process.  It forms microscopic crystals around those broken up dirt and stains.  This makes the stains easy to remove with the Oxi Fresh machines, allowing for a really effective carpet cleaning.

And since these solutions are non-toxic, green, and safe for pets and children, when you get your carpets cleaned with Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning, you don’t have to worry about chemicals or discoloration. Our carpet cleaning method is safe and, quite simply, one of the best and greenest available to date. Find out more at by going to our products page!

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