Firefighting, Salsa Dancing, Carpet Cleaning!

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Carpet cleaning isn’t always seen glamorous, but leave it to Alex Lee of Oxi Fresh of the East Bay to make it look cool. Alex is a firefighting, salsa dancing, carpet cleaning franchisee who was recently featured on

In the Franchising Without Walls article, Alex talks about how the freedom and flexibility Oxi Fresh offers let’s him grow a business while simultaneously keeping his other career as a full-time firefighter captain:
“Most people don’t realize the schedule of firefighters, which for me means working 10 days a month for 24 hours straight. I’ve integrated Oxi Fresh into those “off” periods, and also make time for salsa dancing, fishing, and spending time with my children.”

In the article, Alex also talks about his management style, the challenges he faces and his overall business philosophy: “Always be nice to customers. Don’t ever scam.”

To read more about Alex, his goals, and his “failure is not an option” attitude, click here.

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