Fill In the Blank with Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

The Three Ways We're Green
The Three Way's Oxi Fresh is Green

We want to be _______.
We want to save you _______.
We want to avoid _______.

Well, what do you think goes in the blank? What word would you guess? The answer is “Green.”  We want to be green, save you green, but also avoid green. But why would we want to avoid green? Don’t we claim to provide green carpet cleaning? So what do these fill-in-the-blanks actually mean? Well, let’s start by looking at the first one.

Being Green
This one’s the easiest to answer. Oxi Fresh has always cared about providing our customers with safe, non-toxic carpet cleaning. We know we have a responsibility to the environment and to our client’s health. That’s why we use green cleaning solutions that are designed with the health and safety of pets and children in mind. It’s also why we use a low moisture system, energy efficient machines. help purify your carpets from any harmful contaminants, recycle, and are striving to create a paper-free work environment at our office. All of this is why we want to be green.
Saving Green
Of course, in all of our effort to be a green, we also strive to surpass other carpet cleaning companies by providing you not only with the best possible cleaning for your home, but also some of the best deals. To start, you can always go to our website and use the Store Locator in order to find great coupons for your area. What’s more, when you get a carpet cleaning with Oxi Fresh, you aren’t paying for just a “normal” cleaning. You’ll find that many of your stains will disappear when you get a normal cleaning – such as high traffic areas and pet urine stains.Sure, we have separate carpet cleaning products available for severe stains, but our normal system is still great for getting rid of most spots, which saves you money. So we definitely want to save you green.
Avoiding Green
But how do we want you to avoid green? Well, Oxi Fresh is a fast drying carpet cleaning. After getting your carpets cleaned with our low moisture system, your carpets will be dry in about an hour. With steam cleaning, though, carpets can take anywhere from 12-36 hours to fully dry. And all that time, when the water is sitting in the carpet, there is an increased chance of mold and mildew forming, which runs a big risk of permanently damaging your carpets. We don’t want that to happen to you. So, through our fast drying carpet cleaning, we help you avoid the green.

Hopefully, this filled in the blanks for you, and gave you the answer to the question: “Who’s going to be our regular carpet cleaner?”

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