The Spotlight: Cleaning Up Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry sauce. Few Thanksgiving dishes can be so tasty yet so devastating. When it stays on the plate, everything is wonderful. When it makes the trip down to your carpet, few things can destroy holiday cheer faster.

If you wind up with a clumsy guest, it’s important to act as soon as possible. Red stains are very difficult to treat, but hopefully this technique will remove or at least lighten the spot.What You’ll Need
White Vinegar
Isopropyl Alcohol

Step 1
Use the spoon to scoop up as much cranberry sauce as you can. Work your way toward the center of the spot.

Step 2
In the bowl, mix a tablespoon of white vinegar with 2/3 cup of isopropyl alcohol.*

Step 3
Wet a towel in the solution and wring it until it’s damp – be sure to wear gloves when doing this.

Step 4
Blot the spot with the towel, working from the outside edge toward the center. You’ll need to switch to different parts of the towel as you work to ensure that you don’t spread the sauce around. Continue this process until no more of the spot comes up.

Step 5
Now you’ll need to rinse and dry the area. Dampen a towel with water and blot the spot. After that, take a dry towel and blot the spot until it’s dry.

This technique should help lighten the cranberry sauce spot, but keep in mind that this is a very tricky stain to handle. If you’re dealing with a particularly nasty spot or a large spill, remember that Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning specializes in removing even the worst of spots. Visit us at to learn more and schedule your cleaning!

Thanks to Taylor at for the great information!

*Before you start cleaning, first test this solution on your carpet. Find an inconspicuous area, blot a small amount of the product onto it and let it dwell for thirty seconds. If you notice any color loss, don’t use the solution. Be sure to rinse and dry the area you tested.

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