Carpet Cleaning As Investment

The above title does, admittedly, sound a bit odd. We generally don’t think of carpet cleaning – or most of the cleaning you do – as being an investment. Cleaning just seems to be mostly about temporary appearances. After all, a freshly vacuumed floor will get dirty again, a dusted windowsill will accumulate more dirt, and a shining counter top needs only one spill to look gross. So how are any of these things a long term investment?

Well, what happens when you never wipe off the windowsill? The dust accumulates, hardens into the cracks, stains appear on the wood and/or plastic, water leaks in because the track is full of gunk – you can turn a good windowsill into trash if it’s ignored. Basically, you run the risk of loosing money by lowering the value of your home

The same thing goes when it comes to your carpet. Regular vacuuming with a good vacuum gets rid of about 90% of the dust and dirt in your carpet. So regular vacuuming means longer lasting carpets and you won’t need to hire a carpet cleaning company as often.  That’s money saved right off the bat. Then you have to consider what you can save when you get regular carpet cleanings.  You see, even with consistent vacuuming, dirt and oil will still be ground into the carpet fibers. If left there to long, they pretty much become part of the carpet. If a carpet is left uncleaned for three years, it will need a replacement. Heck, I’ve seen one year old carpets that need replacing.

In order to avoid this problem, we here at Oxi Fresh recommend vacuuming once at least every other day. You can also put down area rugs where you know there will be a lot of foot traffic. And the most important thing to do is get our green carpet cleaning services at least once a year – every six months being ideal (especially if you have kids and pets.) But why so often? Why not just get them cleaned when their dirty? Well, you can do that, but the carpet will start looking quite worn after seven years. Regular cleanings can keep your carpet looking good up to eleven years – and sometimes longer.  That translates into a lot of saved money for you.

So the next time you use our fast drying carpet cleaning, think of it not as a hassle, but as an investment.

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