Beyond the Office

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Yay! Sofas!
Upholstery Cleaning with Oxi Fresh

You can’t know everyone. There are just too many people and not enough time. Heck, most of us don’t even know everyone we work with. Yeah, we can spend eight or more hours a day sharing a building, a floor, or even a row of cubicles, but unless work causes our paths to cross or we make an intentional effort, we may not interact with them more than the occasional “Hello.” Sometimes we really don’t even know the people with whom we spend a good amount of time. It’s just easy to forget that Bob from Accounting has a life outside his job.

And no, I’m not being critical – every day we interact with lots of people and remembering all the details would be nigh on impossible. The same is true of businesses. You may go to a certain store every day to pick up one item and therefore miss the wide variety of products they offer. And if you’ve only just heard of Oxi Fresh or perhaps used them in the past, you may not know much about us. Hopefully, though, you know that we provide high quality carpet cleanings that dry quickly and are safe for the environment. But carpets aren’t the only thing we clean. Just like Bob from Accounting, we have hobbies outside of our chief job.

For you see, Oxi Fresh also does upholstery cleaning! From sofas to ottomans, from mattresses to car seats, Oxi Fresh is more than happy to get rid of the stains and dirt embedded therein. That means when you schedule a fast drying carpet cleaning with Oxi Fresh, you can also get the furniture in the living room cleaned as well – rather than just shoving it all into another room while we clean. But, of course, we don’t clean using the same machine. No, in addition to using a specialized upholstery foam, Oxi Fresh also has an easily maneuverable, hand-held machine that allows us to clean all parts of your sofa or chair with ease. Upholstery cleaning may not be in our name, but we work just as hard at it as any carpet cleaning!