Battle the Barbecue!

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Pile up the logs, pour in the briquettes, turn on the gas, and flip on the oven – it’s time for some barbecue! Whether your thing is ribs, pulled pork, chicken, or a veggie patty, everyone loves a good barbecue with plenty of BBQ sauce.

But for all of the joy of the meal, there is a cost in clothes. Drips of sauce can turn nice, clean shirts, skits, and pants into smeary shames. Thankfully, you can restore your clothes at home with Oxi Fresh’s favorite tips from Good Housekeeping and Mrs. Clean.

What You’ll Need
Laundry Detergent
White Vinegar
Dish-washing Detergent

Let’s Get Cleaning
(P.S. – Treat the spot right away for best results)

– Step 1 –
If there’s a big dollop of sauce on your shirt, use a spoon to remove as much of it as you can.

– Step 2 –
Now you’re going to flush the stain by running cold water through the back of the spot (in other words, if you spilled on the outside of the shirt, run the water through the inside of it). This will help remove more of the BBQ sauce.

– Step 3 –
Gently work some liquid laundry detergent into the spot by hand. Don’t scrub at the spot or you may spread the stain around. After this, rinse the spot with water.

– Step 4 –
Wet a sponge with white vinegar and blot the spot.* After this, rinse the spot with water.

(If the spot responded well to this treatment, repeat these steps until no more of the stain comes up)

– Step 5 –
Wash the garment in your machine as normal, but don’t dry it afterwards.

– Step 6 –
If there’s still a spot after all this, work more laundry detergent into the spot and let it soak for half an hour in warm water.

Now the spot should be gone from you shirt – thanks again to Good Housekeeping and Mrs. Clean – but what should you do if you spill some sauce on your carpet? Just give us a call at 1-877-OXIFRESH!

Our stain removal experts can erase BBQ spills, leaving your carpets looking and feeling fresh. You can also schedule your post- BBQ clean up online by going to!

*You should always test any cleaning solution on an inconspicuous part of the garment before treating the spot. Apply a small amount of the solution to a towel, blot the clothing, and let the spot dry. Check the spot for discoloration and rub it with a towel to make sure there is no dye transfer.