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When someone is buying a car, they’re usually offered a plethora of features and luxuries that they can add-on to their car. XM radio, leather seats, specially tinted windows, an iPod dock, and much more. And while none of these features are strictly necessary, they certainly can be quite fun. That’s true of a lot of add-ons (you don’t need the extra large cup-holder, but why not?) but not the ones offered by Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning. If we suggest an add-on to you, it’s because we think it’ll help improve the overall quality of your carpet.

Let’s look at our Odor Destroyer.  This isn’t a product we throw around and recommend willy-nilly to everyone. The Odor Destroyer was designed with a specific purpose in mind – stopping smells where they begin – and it’s pointless to apply it to carpets that smell fine. You see, this product is actually comprised of active bio-enzymes that eat the bacteria that cause odors. Rather then just covering up the smell, it literally kills it. Offering an Odor Destroyer to someone who didn’t need it would be like offering to upgrade someone’s speakers when they’re deaf – it doesn’t serve any purpose.

Besides carpet odor removal, we also specialize in carpet stain removal.  Our normal cleaning process is great for removing most everyday sort of stains. High traffic areas, dirt spots, food stains, and even most pet urine stains come up with just our normal cleaning process. There are, however, some stains that are just too much for even our cleaning system. Things like ink, rust, or red dye in the carpet are extremely difficult to remove. For those, we have the Spotting Kit, a suite of different Spotters that are specially designed to remove the most stubborn of stains. Generally, though, we recommend just trying the normal cleaning to get rid of most spots – the Spotters are the last line of defense for your carpet and we only want to use them when necessary.

Another add-on available to you is our Protectant.  Admittedly, this is one we’re more liberal in offering this product because it does such a good job protecting your carpet. This carpet protector creates a buffer between the spills and the fibers, giving you the extra time you need to wipe the stain up. And since every carpet is inevitably spilled on, this is an add-on we think most people should get (especially since if they have children or pets.) But all of this is to say that when it comes to Oxi Fresh and getting an add-on, you can rest assured we’re not going to try to sell you something you don’t need.

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