Cynthia & Billy Kellough

Northwest Houston Steam Cleaning


Northwest Houston Steam Cleaning

Are you searching for Northwest Houston steam cleaning for your carpets? If you are, you can stop. You don’t need old, archaic methods of cleaning that can leave your floors soaked. In fact, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is here to provide better results without all the drawbacks of old steam cleaning. 

In decades past, there was no option but to go for steam cleaning. Now we have modern technology and solutions that can get the job done better. Let Oxi Fresh replace steam cleaning as your go-to choice for carpet cleaning. We are proud of the results we can offer you. 

Oxi Fresh can get your carpet looking years younger by harnessing the power of oxygen to clean carpets. Our process cleans deep and dries in just about one hour. You don’t need steam cleaning – you need Oxi Fresh!

Do away with Northwest Houston steam cleaning and select Oxi Fresh for your next cleaner. Open up our Online Scheduler or call us at 713-820-4701 to book an appointment today.

How We Clean Carpet

In order to deliver the results you want, we approach our cleaning in a step by step manner. 

Step 1

The first step to getting a clean carpet is for our technician to inspect the carpet. This is done when we arrive and allow us to tailor our approach to the needs of your carpet. 

Step 2

Using an enzyme-powered solution, the pretreatment phase begins. Those areas of the carpet with the heaviest concentration of dirt and oils are treated with this solution. The amount of dirt and grime it can cut through is amazing!

Step 3

Our core cleaning solution is placed on the entire floor. This solution breaks down dirt and oils while encapsulating the dirt in tiny crystals. This encapsulation is key to getting your carpets clean while also keeping dry times low. Oxi Fresh floors dry in about an hour, rather than the 12-24 hours you can get with steam cleaners in Northwest Houston.

Step 4

Using the OF1000, our revolutionary cleaning machine, your technician will go over the entire floor. With a pair of special brushes, the OF1000 agitates the fibers of the carpet and accelerates the cleaning. 

Step 5

We thoroughly vacuum the floors, leaving them looking lovely. We then groom the carpets for that extra touch of beauty!

Step 6 (Optional) 

We can also provide a carpet protectant. Coating the fibers of your carpet, this protectant helps keep the results of our cleaning and makes cleaning the carpet easier on you.

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Great job and Sean explained the process very well. KE. - Tacoma, WA - 08/09/2022
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TC. - Jacksonville, FL - 08/09/2022
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Friendly, prompt, carpets look like new! JS. - Mequon, WI - 08/09/2022
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Cynthia & Billy Kellough

Meet Cynthia and Billy Kellough


Cynthia and Billy are who you want on your side for an alternative to Northwest Houston steam cleaning. They and their team can get your carpet clean without leaving your floors soaked all day long. Give them a chance to show you the results of their work on your carpet.

Benefits of Choosing Oxi Fresh

  • Oxi Fresh cleans well and dries fast, getting you results without eating up your day
  • We offer great prices and have frequent deals in our Online Scheduler
  • Friendly cleaners who are eager to rescue floors!

Additional Services Available

At Oxi Fresh, we know that if you’re looking for steam cleaning, you might be looking to get other parts of your home clean. Oxi Fresh is proud to offer upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, speciality carpet stain removal, and pet urine and odor removal. 

To schedule any of these services, call us at 713-820-4701.

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