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Creve Coeur Upholstery Cleaning


Creve Coeur Upholstery Cleaning

When you decorate a room what goes in it is central to your theme. In most cases, upholstery fills this role and provides both beauty and accent to any room. A Creve Coeur upholstery cleaning by Oxi Fresh is here for when the beauty begins to fade, and dirt and grime start to build up. 

Upholstery captures particles of many things that come into contact with it. From the oil in our skin to the dirt on our clothing, all of it can become trapped in your upholstery. When upholstery starts to show signs of this, it can become an eyesore. 

Don’t let dirty upholstery ruin the look of your home. With Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning, we clean fast, and we can make your upholstery look years younger. We do this with modern solutions and equipment that are designed to take care of your upholstery and clean it in a gentle and effective way. 

To get a Creve Coeur upholstery cleaning, call the Scheduling Center at 314-548-9898 or use our Online Scheduler.

How We Clean Upholstery

If you’ve never had Oxi Fresh clean your upholstery you won’t believe the results we get. Here is an idea of how your appointment will go. 

Step 1

We begin with an inspection of the piece. This inspection will identify any damage or heavily soiled areas. Your technician will be able to give you a realistic assessment of what they can accomplish for you. 

Step 2

A pretreatment with enzymes is then applied to the upholstery. These enzymes will break down the oil and dirt trapped in the furniture’s fabric.

Step 3

Our upholstery machine is now used to clean the piece. It will rinse the fabric and  extract it, pulling out the dirt and grime broken down by our cleaning solution.

Step 4

An encapsulating rinse is now applied to the piece to fight the formation of residues and watermarks.

Step 5

We’ll then groom the piece and set up fans to accelerate the drying process.

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We had our carpets cleaned and although the first cleaning was faulty we then requested Hamilton whom did a beautiful job ???? VK. - Concord, NC - 10/21/2021
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Always a great experience from start to finish! JS. - Nazareth, PA - 10/20/2021
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Rob is great as well as all connected with this organization! MR. - Walworth, WI - 10/20/2021
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Charles & Jesse Keyser

Meet Jesse Keyser and Charles Keyser


The Keyser Brothers are proud to be your Creve Coeur upholstery cleaners. They and their team have the experience and equipment to get the job done right. Give them a chance to work for you so you can see the results they can achieve.

Benefits of Oxi Fresh

  • Cleaning is fast and efficient, we don’t take up your whole day
  • Competitive pricing on all of our services
  • We arrive on time, we don’t give you a large booking “window”

Carpet Cleaning

In addition to providing Creve Coeur upholstery cleaning, Oxi Fresh can also clean your carpet. If your upholstery is showing signs of use, the chances are your carpet is too. Dirt, oil, and grime can become trapped in the fibers and make a whole room look dirty. We can make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

To get access to our carpet cleaning and other services, call our Scheduling Center at 314-548-9898 or use our Online Scheduler.

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