Jesse Keyser and Charles Keyser

Arnold Tile and Grout Cleaning


Arnold Tile and Grout Cleaning

When was the last time you gave your tile a thoroughly good clean? Can’t remember? That’s ok, and you’re not alone! At Oxi Fresh, our Arnold tile and grout cleaning will help you tackle the task in no time at all. Our team of experts can swoop in and rescue your dirty tile and grimy grout.

We’ll have your floors looking years younger in no time at all! Our trained technicians combine top of the line cleaning solutions and modern cleaning equipment with skill and precision in order to provide you the very best results.

Ready to get your tile and grout rescued from dirt and grime? Give Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning a call at 636-698-6100!

The Best Tile and Grout Cleaner in Arnold

Why do people love our cleaning services? What makes them stand out from what our competitors offer? 

Here are some of the reasons why Oxi Fresh is the best Arnold tile and grout cleaner in the business: 

  • Great Results – When you book with Oxi Fresh you can rest easy knowing that our tile and grout cleaning experts consistently produce exceptional results. 
  • Competitive Prices – We always strive to bring you fair prices for a world-class service.
  • On Time Appointments – We value your time and we realize that appointment windows are often incredibly inconvenient. In response to this, we’ve done away with them entirely! You’ll book the exact time you want us to show up, and that’s when we’ll be there. 
  • Premium Products – Our cleaning formulas are specifically designed to bring the maximum amount of cleaning power to your flooring. 
  • Trained Professionals – Our highly trained professionals are at your beck and call when you book an Oxi Fresh appointment. We hold our local Arnold team to the highest of standards and we trust you’ll see it reflected in their work.
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Delaney was helpful and skillful in cleaning my home carpet. I'll ask for her the next time I need carpet cleaning. She was responsive to what I needed EZ. - St. Louis, MO - 10/15/2021
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
LM. - Kaukauna, WI - 10/14/2021
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
MW. - Atchison, KS - 10/14/2021
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Jesse Keyser and Charles Keyser

Meet Jesse Keyser and Charles Keyser


At Oxi Fresh in Arnold, you’ll be pleased to know that the Keyser Brothers and their team are fully committed to delivering exceptional cleanings and friendly service! Under the Keysers leadership, their technicians work diligently to meet the needs of homes and businesses throughout the community.

The Oxi Fresh Cleaning Process

Step 1 – We thoroughly inspect your flooring in order to properly ascertain if there are any areas in need of extra attention.

Step 2 – We then go on to completely vacuum your flooring, removing any debris that would interfere with our cleaning process.

Step 3 – After we finish vacuuming, we apply our Oxi Stone cleaning formula to your flooring. This solution breaks down the debris and grime that has accumulated on the surface of your tile.

Step 4 – After applying our Oxi Stone solution, the tile cleaning expert will begin to agitate your flooring with our machine in order to further break down any remaining grime.

Step 5 – After our cleaning solutions and equipment have done their job, the technician will thoroughly extract the remaining product and broken down dirt.

If any areas of your grout are especially stained, we can use our Oxi Restore formula to revitalize those spots and leave them in great shape.

Grout Protectant Treatment

Step 6 (Optional) – If you would like to prolong the results of your Arnold tile and grout cleaning, ask your technician about our optional grout protectant. This product is applied to your grout, a normally porous material, and helps guard it against spills and spots.

Oxi Fresh Clean Carpets Too!

Do you have dirt and grime that’s spoiling the look of your carpets? Give Oxi Fresh a call and we can erase those blemishes! Call us at 636-698-6100 to book a carpet cleaning today!

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