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Deerfield Beach Steam Cleaning


Deerfield Beach Steam Cleaning

Pristine carpets brighten up the living space in your home, but dirt and grime are inevitable, over time. When you need your carpets cleaned, forget about Deerfield Beach steam cleaning. Choose the better alternative: Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

Oxi Fresh brings unbeatable results to your carpets. Using the power of oxygen and green cleaning solutions, our team revitalizes your floors, freshening up your entire space! Not only that, our carpet-cleaning process is low-moisture and conserves up to 95% of the water traditional Deerfield Beach steam cleaners waste, leaving your clean carpets dry in about one hour! 

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Steam Cleaning Disadvantages

Deerfield Beach steam cleaning requires large amounts of water to get the job done, which leaves your carpets completely oversaturated. This results in incredibly long dry times – up to 24 hours! This is an inconvenience for everyone, even more so if you have pets or young children you need to keep off the carpets for such an extended amount of time!

This oversaturation also results in an unsightly phenomenon known as wickback. Wickback is the process of spots or stains reappearing following cleaning. This occurs because as your carpets become overly wet, stains seep into the carpet pad, where they can not be effectively removed. When your floors begin slowly drying, the carpet fibers act as a wick, pulling the stains back to the surface.

Thankfully, Oxi Fresh’s low moisture carpet cleanings eliminate the risk of wickback, leaving your clean carpets dry in about one hour!

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We had one of our cats start peeing in two places after our elderly cat died and needed to get it cleaned with an enzyme to eliminate the odor. Alex is very personable and a hard worker but it appears that the training he received was poor at best because his knowledge of the products he used was very limited but I don't blame him, this is clearly poor management and training. Once the carpet was dry the smell came back immediately which is very disappointing after spending $158 to have roughly 10 sq ft cleaned. JU. - Issaquah, WA - 08/12/2022
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
AH. - Las Vegas, NV - 08/11/2022
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
JC. - Pensacola, FL - 08/11/2022
(4.0 Out of 5 stars)
Charles Smith

Meet Charles Smith


Charles Smith and his talented team utilize the best in oxygen-powered technology and modern cleaning methods to get your floors impressively clean. Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and premium cleaning products, his team works hard to deliver amazing results for your floors. Charles would love to clean for you soon in Deerfield Beach!

The Oxi Fresh Process

Oxi Fresh has been on the cutting edge of carpet-cleaning technology for well over a decade, and our team can erase even the toughest stains with ease. 

When you choose our Deerfield Beach steam cleaning alternative, you can expect to receive our tested and proven five-step carpet-cleaning process:

Step 1 – We perform a comprehensive inspection of your carpets, identifying any heavily soiled areas that could require specialized treatment.

Step 2 – We then apply our pretreatment solution, powered by enzymes. These enzymes work to dissolve stubborn dirt and grime from deep within your carpet fibers.

Step 3 – After the pretreatment, our technicians apply Oxi Fresh’s core carpet-cleaning solution. This innovative compound actually combines an oxygenated booster and a unique encapsulator. The booster further breaks down dirt and grime, then the encapsulator traps that dirt inside tiny, microscopic crystals. These crystals incapacitate the dirt and grime from reattaching to your carpet fibers.

Step 4 – Next our specially designed carpet-cleaning machine pulls dirt and debris from deep within your carpet. Equipped with dual, counter-rotating brushes, this machine not only thoroughly cleans your carpets, it does so without compressing the carpet pile.

Step 5 – Finally, our technicians meticulously vacuum and groom your carpets, leaving a truly professional finish.

Effective at eliminating years of dirt and grime from your carpets, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is the very best alternative to Deerfield Beach steam cleaning options. Plus, your super clean carpets will be dry in record time - about one hour!

Residential and Commercial Services

In addition to cleaning the carpets in your home, Oxi Fresh is proud to also offer commercial carpet cleanings! Ideal for both residential and commercial properties, our top-notch cleaning services can rejuvenate your carpets and help to create a welcoming space for your visitors.

Interested in our services? Call us at 954-890-1414 today or visit our Online Scheduler!

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