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Central Miami Steam Cleaning


Central Miami Steam Cleaning

Clean carpets make a positive impression on your family or guests. At first, many people turn to Central Miami steam cleaning. But now there’s a fast-drying alternative that really works!  Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning will leave your floors pristine and your clean carpets will be dry in about one hour!

With Oxi Fresh, we can achieve fantastic results without harsh chemicals. Our green carpet cleaning solutions are safe and effective. Your carpets will look years younger after just one cleaning. And – thanks to our modern cleaning methods – your carpets will be dry in about one hour! With an old-fashioned Central Miami steam cleaning, you might need to wait 12-24 hours for your floors to dry.

To reserve your next Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning, call 305-925-7674 today. We can’t wait to hear from you! 

Steam Cleaning Disadvantages

As the name suggests, steam cleaning relies on water to clean your carpets. Consequently, steam cleaning can oversaturate your floors with water. It can be a major inconvenience for busy families to wait up to 24 hours for their carpets to dry, especially if you have children or pets. 

Wickback is another disadvantage of steam cleaning. Wickback is used to describe a spot or spill that seems to disappear but resurfaces later due to oversaturation. If this has happened to you, it’s easy to see why Central Miami steam cleaning isn’t the best choice for you or your home. 

Thankfully, Oxi Fresh offers a better solution. We deliver incredible results with our low-moisture, quick-drying carpet cleaning service. You can have clean carpets that dry in about one hour!

Use our convenient Online Scheduler or call us at 305-925-7674 to schedule a cleaning with us. We can’t wait to clean for you soon!

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Patrick Luthy

Meet Patrick Luthy


When you need outstanding service, quick-drying cleaning and real results, call Patrick Luthy and his team. They use oxygen-powered cleaning solutions that deliver pristine floors in less time than traditional methods. You can transform the look of your carpets in just one cleaning. Patrick hopes to clean for you soon!

The Oxi Fresh Process

Oxi Fresh offers a cleaning system that erases years of dirt and grime using safe, eco-friendly products. Our expert technicians know how to remove soil effectively. But the best part is, your floors will be dry in about one hour. We think you’ll love this modern alternative to Central Miami steam cleaning.

Here’s what you can expect when you book a professional carpet cleaning service with us:

Step 1 – First, we will look over your carpets and identify any heavily soiled areas that may require extra treatment.

Step 2 – Then, we begin the cleaning process by breaking down dirt and oils embedded within the carpet fibers. We apply an enzyme-powered pretreatment solution to effectively dissolve grime that has been absorbed into the carpet. 

Step 3 – Next, we apply our Oxi Fresh core carpet cleaning solution. This product has two main components: an oxygenated booster that breaks down dirt and a unique encapsulator that surrounds dirt with tiny microscopic crystals. The encapsulation process helps prevent dirt from reattaching to the carpet fibers and makes it easier to clean your carpets.

Step 4 – Then, we use a specialized carpet-cleaning machine to lift away dirt and grime. This machine is equipped with dual, counter-rotating brushes that whisk away debris without compressing your carpet.

Step 5 – Finally, we vacuum and groom the carpets for a polished finish.

We can erase years of dirt and debris thanks to our powerful cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions. Plus, unlike Central Miami steam cleaning, your carpets will dry in about one hour!

Residential and Commercial Services

Oxi Fresh also offers commercial carpet cleanings for the businesses in Central Miami. Our services are perfect for your home, office, or store. Your carpets will look pristine with a professional carpet cleaning from Oxi Fresh.

Call us at 305-925-7674 today or visit our Online Scheduler to reserve your next Oxi Fresh Cleaning! We hope to clean for you soon! 

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