What can you do with your old carpets?

What Can You Do With Your Old Carpets?

Everything in the world has a definitive life span and unfortunately carpet is no different. There are a number of things people can do to prolong the life of their carpet but sometimes carpet is just too far gone to be saved even for a carpet cleaning franchise. Many people will continue to spot clean until the bitter end – spraying, rubbing, spraying, vacuuming – after a while nothing will help. Carpets will eventually get to the point where even a professional carpet cleaning franchise can’t help. So what can you or a carpet cleaning franchise do with your old carpet once you decide to get a new one? Read more to find out.

The obvious answer to this problem is to simply throw out your carpet – but don’t – any carpet cleaning franchise will tell you this is a bad idea! Carpet can take thousands of years to decompose so if everybody simply threw out their carpets, there would be some pretty harsh ramifications to the environment. But don’t worry – there are plenty of green options for your old carpet that are great for the home and the environment.

One great idea from a carpet cleaning franchisee for reusing your old carpets is to turn them into work mats. In garages, work areas can get very dirty very quickly. This can end up staining and damaging the concrete permanently, particularly if you do a lot of heavy work in the garage. Simply cut up your old carpet for temporary mats for these areas. They even make great welcome mats for high traffic areas in and out of the house.

Rather than continuing with carpet cleaning from a carpet cleaning franchise, old carpets make great oil and grime catchers for cars and gardening equipment that have a nasty habit of dripping oil onto your garage floor. The drip may seem like a small problem, but it can cause a lot of damage by permanently staining your garage floor. As a preventative measure, one carpet cleaning franchisee suggested putting a patch of old carpet under car or lawn mower when you are storing them.

Man’s best friend gives us another use for old carpet. Dogs will often scamper through the house before you have a chance to clean them or they may consistently sleep on one part of the carpet and get in nice and oily. By cutting up your old carpet, you can create dog-mats that are great for putting down where they sleep, or in front of doors where they come in so you can check their paws for mud.

Used carpet also makes for great game board mats. Family games such as beanbag toss, horseshoes, and washers are all games that require outdoor game boards. These boards are easy to build and carpet makes a great playing surface and even a makeshift “sandpit.” Used carpet is also great for play mats for fort building. If you do this though, make sure to use only clean parts of the old carpet and to carefully trim the edges.

In the event that you can’t find a good way to reuse your old carpets, you can always recycle them or try carpet cleaning coupons. You can find a carpet recycler in your area by searching on Earth911.com. Good luck on your new carpet and finding a green solution for the old.

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