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Lakewood, CO – Having your carpets cleaned in fall and winter is just as important, if not more, as it is in the summer. Yet many people hesitate to schedule late year cleanings due to one major deterrent – the considerable dry time of steam cleaning, which is even more prolonged in cold weather. There is, however, an alternative to these high-moisture cleaning methods. Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning, the World’s Greenest Carpet Cleaner®, utilizes a low-moisture system that dries quickly, even in cold weather.

Where other carpet cleaning methods rely on soaking the carpets with hot water and chemicals, then attempting to extract that water, Oxi Fresh uses very controlled amounts of water. In fact, Oxi Fresh typically uses around 3 percent of what traditional steam cleaners use. That means, as opposed to the dry time of steam cleaners, which can last for 12-36 hours, Oxi Fresh usually dries in about one hour. Actual dry times vary somewhat, but generally you can be on your carpet very quickly. You won’t feel like you’re being kicked out of your home after a cleaning, held at bay by the cold puddles of water in you flooring.

Besides convenience and the ability to get a cleaning even when it’s cold outside, Oxi Fresh’s low-moisture carpet cleaning has another major advantage – it saves a lot of water that would otherwise be wasted with steam cleaning. As a matter of fact, compared to traditional steam cleaning, Oxi Fresh’s water conserving cleaning methods saves 38-58 gallons per house cleaning. That’s a lot of water for just one home.

“Now,” said Oxi Fresh President Jonathan Barnett, “there are over one hundred million households in America. If each home had their carpets steam cleaned once a year, we would be looking at something like six billion gallons of water used for cleaning. However, if they used Oxi Fresh eco-friendly carpet cleaning services, we would use two hundred million gallons of water, which means we would save five billion, eight hundred million gallons of water every year. That’s something worth striving for, not just in the sense of growing a business, but protecting our environment.”

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Using innovative products and technology, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning®, the nation’s fastest-growing carpet cleaning franchise, offers oxygen powered cleaning, which cleans all the way down to the bottom of the carpet pile. Founded in 2006, Oxi Fresh currently has more than 200 units in 184 territories throughout the United States, and has more than 50 carpet cleaner locations in development.

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The best carpet cleaners out there. They have cleaned my carpets multiple times over the years and every time it has come out excellent. RG. - Neptune Beach, FL - 10/26/2020
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Very pleased with the service. Stains and odors were gone and didn’t come back. CC. - Hastings, FL - 10/26/2020
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We had a sofa to clean. The person we spoke with was very nice and she gave us an appointment for the next day. Hakan called to say he would be a few minutes late and it was honestly just a few minutes! Most people would not have called. When he came in he went right to work. He answered all our questions, was fast, very pleasant and did an excellent job. Also, very pleased with the price he charged. Would highly recommend him. Thank you Hakan!! RM. - Danbury, CT - 10/25/2020
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