Oxi Fresh, Subway, and 7-11: What Do They Have in Common?

Roll the Dice and Play the Game with Franchise Freddy!

What does the world’s largest sub-sandwich chain, a major convenience store franchise, and the World’s Greenest Carpet Cleaner(R) have in common? You can find them all withing about six inches of each other! No, we’re not announcing some weird hybrid store or a merger, but rather that all three of us along with a dozen other franchising companies have been included on a board game Franchi$it! What game is that? Well, we can’t blame you for asking, as it’ll be pretty new, but don’t worry, we’ll fill you in and show you how much fun Franchi$it can be.

The game itself is similar to other property based games – buy areas, build them up, control them entirely, and so on. What’ makes this game stand out, though, is that it doesn’t leave the strategy at “buy as much as you can.” Since the game is based on franchising, you not only receive profit  from the areas you own but you also have to pay royalty fees to whoever owns the most of that property. That means bartering and competition for controlling the majority of a franchise becomes vital. You have to consider if you want to own three properties out of the five available with each franchise – thus maximizing the royalty fees others have to pay your – or if you want to buy it outright. Do you buy into a franchise if there’s another player who has the majority, or do you pass and miss out not only on royalty fees, but profit as well?

This original addition to the game is quite fun and adds a lot to the overall experience. There are other cool parts of this game, of course, but there’s just one more feature I wanted to share before I ended this post. It actually has nothing to do with the rules of the game, though, but all to do with where the money goes when you purchase. Whenever someone buys the i9 Sports edition of the game, LAF-Enterprises (the game’s producers) donates five dollars to their scholarship program. i9 then uses this money to sponsor underprivileged kids so that they can join i9 Sports camps, free of charge. So when you buy Franchi$it: i9 Sports Edition, you not only get a great game but you also get to help out a needy kid.

Think about giving Franchi$it as a gift this Christmas. Click here to go to their website and read more! You can also find out more by reading this press release.

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