Oxi Fresh Franchisee Spotlighted for Commitment to Sustainable, Local Business

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Oxi Fresh’s Marissa Brenton Featured in Patch.com

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning franchisee Marissa Brenton was recently spotlighted in the online local news platform Patch.com for her carpet cleaning franchise in Fenton, Michigan and her commitment to sustainable business with a local focus. Ms. Brenton is proud to lead her own green carpet cleaning franchise through Oxi Fresh, serving her local community in and around Fenton with industry-leading carpet cleaning methods. 

Although Ms. Brenton has built a successful career as a business consultant, she’s always planned to eventually open her own small, local business. But with her long-term passion for environmental sustainability, she knew she wanted to run a business that aligned with her personal values and had a green, eco-friendly business model. 

When Ms. Brenton discovered Oxi Fresh’s franchising opportunities, she was impressed by the brand’s focus on technology and sustainability. Seeing that the Oxi Fresh team shared her values and that an Oxi Fresh franchise would allow her to bring a safer, greener carpet cleaning service to benefit her town, Ms. Brenton invested her life savings to open Fenton’s first Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning location.

As the post on Patch.com notes, Oxi Fresh is “recognized as one of the nation’s greenest franchises…thanks to its modern technology, eco-friendly methods, and focus on customer convenience.” Because of dedicated, values-driven entrepreneurs like Ms. Brenton, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning continues to expand throughout the U.S. and Canada, offering the premier carpet cleaning service in many cities and towns like Fenton. 

Oxi Fresh: Business with a Backbone

“When I started Oxi Fresh, I knew I wanted to launch a business that was going to have a positive impact on the world, especially on the communities we operate in,” said Oxi Fresh Founder and CEO, Jonathan Barnett, “That’s why we’ve crafted a highly effective carpet cleaning system that’s tough on grime but safe for our customers, their pets, and their neighborhoods.” 

Oxi Fresh cleans carpets in Fenton with a low-moisture system that uses safe, eco-friendly cleaning solutions and energy-efficient practices and equipment. Moreover, where a conventional steam cleaner might use as much as sixty gallons of water to saturate a home’s carpets, Oxi Fresh would use only two gallons. While conserving our limited water supply is a worthy cause in its own right, this also means the Oxi Fresh method leaves clean carpets dry much faster, making it a greener and more convenient carpet cleaning experience for Oxi Fresh’s customers in Fenton and beyond. 

Mr. Barnett continued: “Without environmentally conscious partners like Marissa Brenton, Oxi Fresh would never have been able to bring its natural cleaning solutions and convenient, efficient practices to so many communities across the U.S. and Canada.”

Another key element of Oxi Fresh’s unique business model is their frequent donations to Water.org, a global charity founded by actor Matt Damon and engineer Gary White. Water.org facilitates inexpensive financing solutions for impoverished communities in the developing world, giving these individuals the financial means to gain access to safe water and sanitation systems. Any time a customer books a cleaning through their Online Scheduler, Oxi Fresh makes a donation to support Water.org’s life-saving mission. 

A Green Opportunity for Values-Driven Entrepreneurs

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is a franchising business that works with local entrepreneurs like Ms. Brenton to open new locations, offering franchisees a promising eco-friendly business opportunity they can feel great about. 

Because of Oxi Fresh’s unique and highly effective cleaning system and modern business model, the brand has garnered hundreds of thousands of glowing reviews and earned some impressive media coverage and industry recognitions as well, meaning new franchisees have the backing of a strong, trusted brand. 

Beyond its green operations and proven carpet cleaning system, Oxi Fresh supports its franchisees in substantial and significant ways, providing the tools and resources they need to launch and operate a thriving business. This includes extensive marketing support, from SEO guidance to an abundance of marketing content, as well as a customized CRM platform that simplifies managing the business, a centralized scheduling center staffed with knowledgeable team members, an online scheduling system, an automated review platform, a comprehensive library of in-depth training programs, and much more. 

Interested in learning more about franchising opportunities available at Oxi Fresh? Visit their franchising website to explore these opportunities in more depth. 

Searching for a top-notch carpet cleaner in your area? Give Oxi Fresh a call at 1-877-OXIFRESH or visit their Online Scheduler whenever you’re ready.

Want to read more about Marissa Brenton and her entrepreneurial vision? Read through the original post that appeared on Patch.com. 

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