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Noiel Massey featured in “The Service Industry: Why Veterans Are Flocking to the Franchise World”

Lakewood, COLO – Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is proud to announce that Noiel Massey, their franchisee in Columbia, South Carolina, was recently featured in the article “The Service Industry: Why Veterans Are Flocking to the Franchise World” on Entrepreneur.com.

The article, written by Jon Marcus, examines an important trend in the franchising world: the large number of veterans who are opening their own franchises. About 14% of all franchisees have served in the Armed Forces, which is about double their actual share of the population (around 7%).

The reason behind this trend is that franchise opportunities, like those for carpet cleaning and other services, strike a balance between structure and freedom that appeals to those trained in the military.

According to the Director of the Center of Excellence for Veteran Entrepreneurship at Syracuse University, Mitsy Stutsman, “If you look at someone who’s very used to a structured system and you give them a venture like a franchise, they succeed. They stick to the plan, and they understand why there’s not always a need to go changing things just to change things.”

The structure, plans, tools, and systems put in place by franchising companies can vary, but they enable new business owners to rapidly advance and develop their business. As Oxi Fresh’s Noiel Massey put it, “It’s already structured. I don’t have to do everything on my own. They tell you, ‘This is what needs to happen,’ just like in the military.”

Some of the structured systems Noiel is referring to for Oxi Fresh would likely include the centralized Scheduling Center that handles all bookings and calls, the automated marketing options, the Customer Relationship Management System, and more.

“We pride ourselves on enabling franchisees to build businesses using our established systems,” said Jonathan Barnett, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning’s President and founder, “And I’m really happy to hear that, in addition to the discounts we provide through VetFran, that these systems appeal to veterans.”

It’s not just the form and structure that appeals to veterans. As with any business venture, the freedom that franchising affords them is also a major appeal.

“A franchisee isn’t an employee. They are an entrepreneur,” said Kris Antolak, the Vice President of Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning, “We provide paths and tools and programs, but that doesn’t mean a franchisee has to march lockstep down one path. There’s a lot of freedom in how you implement those programs, the types of business you pursue, and the methods you use.”

To learn more about how veterans in the franchising world, click here. To learn more about Oxi Fresh’s carpet cleaning franchise opportunities, click here.

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Very pleasant and friendly, did a great job, happy to recommend them. Will probably use them again some time in the future when I next need it. PA. - Jacksonville, FL - 01/18/2022
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I booked Oxi Fresh for the first time to freshen up and mask the smell of a used chaise lounge and a small carpeted set of stairs. Two technicians showed up on time, masked up, and had shoe protectors/booties on, all of which I greatly appreciated and didn't have to ask for. They were very kind and explained the risks involved in cleaning the chaise lounge, but with their helpful answers to my questions, I accepted the risk and the results were amazing! The sofa smells brand new and they even got a large stain out of it! The steps turned out great, too. I was very impressed with the entire process, from the ease of booking, communication, cost, knowledge, speed, and the kindness of the staff. I called another reputable company in SLC prior to book Oxi Fresh and the price was double and the wait time was longer. I would highly recommend Oxi Fresh and plan to book them again for some of my other upholstered furniture and carpet! MB. - Salt Lake City, UT - 01/16/2022
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