Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning’s President Featured in Authority Magazine

Jonathan Barnett, leader of the carpet cleaning franchise company, standing in front of the back of an Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning van

Jonathan Barnett Shares Thoughts in Recent Interview

LAKEWOOD, Colo. – In a recent article in Authority Magazine, Jonathan Barnett, the president and founder of the carpet cleaning franchise company Oxi Fresh, shared his thoughts on the pandemic’s impact on his business.

The magazine, which focuses on “sharing interesting ‘thought leadership interview series’” has published articles featuring a variety of industry-leaders and celebrities. These include Peyton Manning, Shaquille O’Neal, Jenny Craig, and c-level executives from Pepsi, Google, Comcast, and many more major companies

The focus of this interview, conducted by Charlie Katz, was on the impact that Coronavirus has had on Mr. Barnett’s company and how the brand will pursue growth in the future. Other topics were discussed, of course, and below you will find a sampling of some of the interview:

The Principle Behind Barnett Enterprises

During the interview, Mr. Katz asked Jonathan if he had a “number one principle” that he has followed throughout the course of his business journey.

Jonathan said that acting like you have the green light in life is key. Rather than waiting for an ideal opportunity to present itself, it’s important to “[m]ove head” and to “take action.”

He cautioned people to not follow the example of those who wait for perfect opportunities and ‘sure things’ because, “It’s like they’re sitting at a red light, except there really is no red light.” Mr Barnett explained that the ‘red light’ they see is merely “their own fears, hesitation, or the unfounded belief that there’s a perfect scenario that will show up if they just wait.”

COVID-19’s Impact on the Carpet Cleaning Franchise

When Mr. Katz asked Mr. Barnett about the “biggest work related challenges you are facing during this pandemic,” this was the carpet cleaning franchise leader’s response:

“In terms of our Home Office, a big challenge has been adjusting to a work-at-home environment. At the office, we’re a very collaborative crew, and we enjoy working together to ensure the needs of our franchisees are being met. Being isolated makes that more difficult.”

Mr. Barnett then shared how the company’s leadership team has adjusted. They increased their use of the Slack communications platform and frequently had calls and meetings via Google Hangouts. “Through these tools, we can all stay in touch and stay informed. It’s not the same as being together, but we’re making it work.”

Mr. Barnett also addressed the challenges created by decreased sales and how the company has been working to limit the impact on the various carpet cleaning franchise locations:

“To help them out, we’ve deferred various fees for the last few months, introduced a new product that meets the EPA’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2 (the cause of COVID-19), and have updated a lot of our marketing to reflect both this new product and our safety standards. We’ve also been hosting regular webinars, sending out informative alerts, and encouraging franchisees to pursue commercial work, which has seen far less of a downturn.”

Planning for Growth: The Future of Oxi Fresh

Towards the end of the interview, Mr. Katz asked Jonathan how the carpet cleaning franchise brand was planning to rebuild and grow in the future. Oxi Fresh’s president shared that, throughout the crisis, the company has been planting the seeds for future growth.

They worked to stay visible throughout the crisis by releasing a new product, updating their marketing, and publishing safety guidelines that all locations were required to follow. These efforts helped keep Oxi Fresh in customers’ newsfeeds and inboxes.

Now that things are beginning to normalize, the company is pushing forward with their marketing efforts, letting customers know that Oxi Fresh can clean their carpets while still staying safe.

“We’re already seeing great results,” said Jonathan after the interview, “with jobs picking back up to pre-pandemic levels. I genuinely think that, as a brand, Oxi Fresh will have come out of this crisis stronger.”

To read the full interview, click here. If you’re interested in scheduling a carpet cleaning for your home, click here. Want to know more about owning a carpet cleaning franchise location with Oxi Fresh? Click here.

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