Great Outdoors = Dirty Indoors (And How Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning Can Help)

The Outdoors Meets the Indoors

Hikes are truly lovely. Walking quietly down dirt paths, winding through trees, resting in fields or by streams – a good hike is a uniquely pleasing experience. When it’s time to go back, though, and you drive or walk back home and go inside, be sure to take your shoes off. If you don’t – the mud, dirt, grass, etc. will find it’s way onto your carpets. If you do remember to take them off, that’s wonderful, but it’s not just your hiking shoes that can make a clean carpet dirty. There’s a dozen other ways the Great Outdoors can lead to dirty indoors this summer, and you got to watch out for them.

Of course, there’s the normal wear and tear during the Summer that you get every season, but since more time is spent outside, whenever someone comes back in they’re bringing in extra things that can dirty your carpet. Plus, if you keep your doors and windows open, you can expect dust, pollen, and other contaminants to blow in and get into the carpet itself.  Now, there are more ways your carpets get dirty during the Summer, but we don’t want to focus just on that. We aren’t, after all, trying to scare you into staying inside all the time with the doors and windows locked to keep the dirt out. No, we just recommend you be prepared to get a carpet cleaning sooner rather than later.

And when choosing from the various carpet cleaning companies out there, you’re going to want to get someone who can really purify your carpets; and if you want that, you want Oxi Fresh.  Our green carpet cleaning does not only get rid of dirt and stains, but can remove the dust and allergens that have gotten into your carpet, leaving your home environment healthier than before. Plus, when you get an Oxi Fresh cleaning, you can be confident in our respect for the environment.

How so? Well, let’s look at one example of how we’re green – water consumption.  Now, we all know that fresh water is one of our most valuable resources on earth. There are, after all, a lot of people on this planet and we keep growing in number, but there’s only so much fresh water and it isn’t drastically increasing in amount. So when some steam cleaners use up to sixty gallons of water to clean a home, we have a problem with that. Oxi Fresh only needs about two gallons to clean a home – 3 to 4% of steam cleaner’s water use. For us, it’s not the water that’s doing the cleaning – it’s the green cleaning solutions and the machine. That means we can do a better job than a steam cleaner and not waste tens of thousands of gallons every year.

So, when you decide on which carpet cleaning service to go with, remember Oxi Fresh. After all, we’re not only working to help keep the Outdoors out of your Indoors, but also to keep the Outdoors looking beautiful. If you’d like to read more, go to our brand new press release here!

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He was great - very communicative the day before and the day of the rug cleaning. Very clear about what he would do and what I should do to keep my rug in good shape. I would definitely recommend to others. HB. - Silver Spring, MD - 09/17/2021
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The carpets came out super clean. The worked hard to get stains out. My technician was super professional, on time and communicated very well. LB. - Cypress, TX - 09/17/2021
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