Fixing Frustration: Dog Hair and the Carpet

Cute Pooch – Dirty Carpets

It’s Day Two of our Fixing Frustration series and we’re going to look at our pet pooches this week. Actually, we’re going to look at their hair and how to get it out of the carpet.

In a past blog, we talked about removing pet hair from upholstery, but carpet presents a unique challenge. Pet hair has an amazing ability to bury itself in carpet fibers and, unless you vacuum daily or have a very expensive vacuum, you’ll end up with hairy carpets.

The solution to this puppy predicament? A good carpet rake. This tool can help you effectively and safely pull up dog hairs from the carpet, keeping your home from being buried in hair. So before you vacuum your carpets, go over them with the rake.

If this is your first time doing this, you’ll probably have to make frequent stops to remove all the dog hair from the brush. Once you’ve finished, thoroughly vacuum the carpets and get ready to be surprised at how great your carpets look.

For a highly-rated carpet rake, click here.


We here at Oxi Fresh are pet stain removal experts! Our carpet cleaning services can get rid of pet urine marks and odors, all without soaking your carpet. To find out more about our cleaning services, visit

Thanks to the for the information and Lu311 for the great picture.

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