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Your carpet is one of the most valuable investments in your home. It isn’t just because of the cost of the carpet, though that is part of it, but also because of the affect it has on everything else. Carpets flavor the rest of a home. A clean, well maintained carpet will make everything else feel nicer. A dirty or worn carpet will make everything around it feel dingy.

The Risk of a Rhode Island Carpet Cleaning

Naturally you’ll want to maintain your carpets, and following these carpet cleaning tips is a great way to do that. Still, about every six months you should schedule a professional RI carpet cleaner to come out and give your carpets a thorough cleaning. Regular Rhode Island carpet cleanings will add years to your carpets lifespan.

Of course, you’ll also need to be careful about which Rhode Island carpet cleaning method is used on your floor. Many Rhode Island carpet cleaning companies still use steam cleaning, a method with long dry times and it has the chance of causing stains to reappear. How can a RI carpet cleaning do that?

When a spill stays very wet – whether from the original accident or by soaking it during Rhode Island carpet cleaning and then not extracting enough water – some of the stan can sink down through the water and into the pad. When the floor does dry after the Rhode Island carpet cleaning, the stain in the pad will work its way back up and reappear on the surface. This process, called wickback, means spots will keep coming back even after numerous Rhode Island carpet cleaning services.

The Right Rhode Island Carpet Cleaning Company

There is a cleaner who avoids causing wickback, thanks to their low-moisture system. It’s Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning in Rhode Island and they only use about 5% of the water most steam based Rhode Island carpet cleaners. But how can they provide a good Rhode Island carpet cleaning with so little water?

Because they use the power of oxygen. Their Rhode Island carpet cleaning system combines a powerful but safe oxygenated booster, an encapsulator, and a cleaning machine with pile lifting technology. The cleaning solution used during the Rhode Island carpet cleaning easily breaks apart spots, high traffic areas, and normal dirt.

While the oxygen is at work during the Rhode Island carpet cleaning, the encapsulator is forming microscopic crystals around the broken up debris, making it all easy to remove. This makes the Rhode Island carpet cleaning machine doubly effective. Its dual, counter-rotating brushes will reach deep into the carpet pile and capture the dirt and oils, lifting them up and out of the carpet.

Scheduling a Rhode Island Carpet Cleaning

The result is an incredibly effective Rhode Island carpet cleaning. It quickly gets rid of embedded dirt and grime, it avoids causing wickback, it’s green, and it all dries in about an hour. Oxi Fresh also tries to keep your carpet cleaning cost down by giving you easy access to great Rhode Island carpet cleaning coupons.

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Carpet dries fast No residual odors Fast service Reliable Professional DR. - Baywood-Los Osos, CA - 07/21/2024
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My technician was incredibly Knowledgeable, she provided me grad information on future services. She did a wonderful job, cleaning our carpets and was incredibly professional and courteous. AS. - Zachary, LA - 07/21/2024
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Not sure which carpet cleaning company to use, I turned to perplexity.ai and asked for recommendations on the "best and most reasonably priced carpet cleaning company in Chesterfield, MO." The top recommendation with links to their information was Oxi Fresh! They had a great technician and delivered excellent results! HR. - Chesterfield, MO - 07/19/2024
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