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Innisfil, ON - Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are often a flooring option that is chosen because it makes a room warm, inviting and beautiful. However, dark spots, discolorations and high traffic marks are all a sign that you need a Innisfil carpet cleaner to take care of the carpet for you.

Oxi Fresh can provide you with the results that you need, minus all the hassle of old, outdated cleaning methods like steam cleaning. We do this with an approach that uses eco-friendly methods like minimal water and electricity, and our encapsulator has been awarded the Safer Choice label by the EPA.

We use modern solutions and revolutionary cleaning equipment, to deep clean your carpet. Since we only use around 2 gallons of water, the carpet will dry in around 1 hour. Our green solutions are safe for children, pets and the environment, but hard on dirt and grime. Let us clean, we competitively price all our services, offer great deals and schedule on time, not in large windows.

If you need a carpet cleaning in Innisfil, let Oxi Fresh get the work done. Call 705-915-0400 or use our Online Scheduler at

More than Carpet Cleaning
Oxi Fresh doesn’t focus only on carpet cleaning, we can clean far more than that. For instance, let us take care of your upholstery. We can get the dirt and grime off your favorite piece no matter how dirty or delicate it is. Don’t hide your upholstery, let it shine with Oxi Fresh cleaning.

Luc Hetu & Cathy Khattra

Meet Luc Hetu & Cathy Khattra


Luc Hetu & Cathy Khattra are ready to get the carpets in your home clean using green, eco-friendly methods. Luc Hetu & Cathy Khattra and their team are experts at carpet cleaning. By the time they are done, your carpets could look years younger. Let them get started cleaning for you as soon as possible.

Companies That Give Back in Innisfil

The reason we focus on being eco-friendly and the World’s Greenest Carpet Cleaner, is that we are always looking to give back to the communities where we work. We don’t want to pollute your water, air or harm any plants, animals or pets. We are ready to be your carpet cleaner in Innisfil.

Oxi Fresh does by using 2 gallons of water not 40-60 like steam cleaning. Instead of truck mounted units that pump out air pollution we use wall sockets to get our electricity. If your entire community switched to using Oxi Fresh, your community could save thousands of gallons of water every year.

Our products are tested and registered with the EPA. Our encapsulator captures debris and grit in micro-crystals and has the Safer Choice label by the EPA. We don’t bathe your home in hot water vapor, or use harsh, toxic chemicals that could make your children sick.

A Worthy Cause
When we receive an appointment through our Online Scheduler, we donate to That means you can help us support this wonderful nonprofit that works tirelessly all over the world. They are dedicated to helping communities find solutions for sanitary and safe drinking water. Get your carpet clean and help support a great cause by having Oxi Fresh provide your Innisfil carpet cleaning.

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