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Minneapolis, MN - Carpet Cleaning

Are soiled carpets hurting the look and feel of your home? A Minneapolis carpet cleaning courtesy of Oxi Fresh can take care of that problem and remove dirt from your floors in Minneapolis. With our powerful, oxygen-based home cleaning system, we can stop dirt from spoiling your floors and completely transform your living areas.

Not only can we erase all of that dirt and grime, but we can also do it while being eco-friendly and having a fast dry time. That’s right—we have a modern, eco-friendly home carpet cleaning system that dries in just about an hour!

So, stop worrying about dirt and forget about the old-fashioned steam cleaners. Instead, just call our Scheduling Center at 612-913-5100 or use our handy Online Scheduler at to book your carpet cleaning in Minneapolis today!

How an Oxi Fresh Minneapolis Carpet Cleaning Transforms Carpets

Thinking about booking an Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning in Minneapolis, but want to know what your appointment will look like? Here’s an overview of our oxygen-powered carpet cleaning process:

Step 1: First, we begin by inspecting the carpet in your Minneapolis home. This service shows us where dirt has built up and where we need to focus our efforts.

Step 2: If we find any areas of the carpet in particular need of TLC, we apply our pretreatment solution to them. This enzyme-powered pretreatment service effectively treats heavy build-ups of oil and grime.

Step 3: With the inspection and pretreatment service complete, we will apply our core cleaning solution to the floor. This solution, thanks to the oxygenated booster and encapsulator it contains, will break down dirt and grime while also encapsulating it for easy removal.

Step 4: The OF1000, our amazing carpet cleaning machine, uses dual brush heads that counter-rotate to thoroughly agitate the carpet.

Step 5: We thoroughly vacuum the carpets and then groom them during the house cleaning service. Once this step is done, your Minneapolis carpet cleaning is complete, and the floors should look and feel fresh again!

Expert Upholstery Cleaning with Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaners

Is your upholstery looking worse for wear in Minneapolis? Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning Services now offers comprehensive upholstery cleaning solutions in Minneapolis. Our advanced cleaning methods and eco-friendly approach will restore your furniture to their former glory without causing harm to the environment.

Our oxygen-based cleaning process is highly effective at removing dirt, grime, and allergens from upholstery, ensuring a deep clean and revitalization. The fast drying time means you can enjoy your refreshed space in just about an hour, and our commitment to being eco-friendly guarantees a responsible cleaning experience.

To book your upholstery cleaning in Minneapolis, simply call our Scheduling Center at 612-913-5100 or use our Online Scheduler at

What Customers Are Saying

Average 4.9 stars (Out of 5)

Based on 186 Carpet Cleaning Services Reviews
Not as clean as I expected. PJ. - Minneapolis, MN - 10/21/2023
(3.0 Out of 5 stars)
DR. - Minneapolis, MN - 09/26/2023
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Efficient and good job OO. - Minneapolis, MN - 06/26/2023
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Abe Kao

Meet Abe Kao


Abe Kao is ready to get cleaning for you. He and his team of Minneapolis carpet cleaners are committed to providing you with friendly service, convenient appointments, and world-class carpet cleanings. They hope to serve you soon. 

Companies That Give Back in Minneapolis

At Oxi Fresh, we know that we have a duty to provide a quality service while also helping keep our community healthy and green. As the World’s Greenest Carpet Cleaner®, we take this duty seriously.

We use green carpet cleaning products that are both effective and safe for the planet. Our service equipment, unlike traditional steam cleaning machines, doesn’t need power from a truck-mounted generator. Instead, our machines just need a standard wall outlet to remove dirt, grime, and oils. Last but not least, Oxi Fresh conserves around 95% of the water that gets wasted by traditional steam cleaners.

How Oxi Fresh Gives Back

We know that being a green cleaner is a good thing, but it also isn’t the only thing we can do. That is why we work with

Since 2001, has been working in Africa, Asia, and Latin America to help people in need get that most vital of resources—water. Through intelligent strategies that empower local people, has helped tens of millions of people get access to safe water and sanitation.

To help them continue to change the world, Oxi Fresh donates with every cleaning booked through our Online Scheduler. So, when next you need a Minneapolis carpet cleaning, be sure to use our convenient Online Scheduler. It’s quick, easy to use, and helps support a worthy cause.

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