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Maine’s called the Pine Tree State, and rightly so – the vast majority of the state is covered in rich forests. It’s not all trees, though, for the ancient Appalachians are found in Maine and there are miles of rugged coasts with inspiring views of the Atlantic. It’s a truly wonderful place.

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Not so wonderful, though, are the spots and dirt everyone gets on their carpets. It’s no one’s fault, really, carpets just have a way of getting dirty over time, that’s why there are a lot of Maine carpet cleaners out there. So who, if you’ll pardon the pun, should you pick for your Maine carpet cleaning company?

ME Carpet Cleaning and You

Well, there are three big things you should look for in a Maine carpet cleaning: a good method, good people, and good prices. Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning in Maine has all that, making it the ideal choice for your Maine carpet cleaning. Of course, it’s easy to say all that, but what are the facts backing it up?

To begin, our Maine carpet cleaning system is unique. Rather than using a steam cleaning or spinning bonnet method, like many Maine carpet cleaning businesses do, we use a low moisture system and a revolutionary cleaning machine. Our green carpet cleaning solutions don’t require tons of water to be effective, but rather utilize the power of oxygen for incredible results. That also means that after a Maine carpet cleaning, your carpets will dry in about an hour. And since our machine’s dual, counter-rotating brushes reach deep into the carpet, you can be certain that your carpets are being cleaned from top to bottom.

Of course, our Maine carpet cleanings wouldn’t amount to anything without our good people. Thoroughly trained, these carpet cleaning experts know exactly what to do to make your home feel fresh and clean again. Our Maine carpet cleaning technicians also more than happy to answer your questions about how we clean and share general tips on how to keep your carpet looking good longer.

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So we’ve got the method and people, but what about those good prices? Well, look no further than our Online Scheduler. Enter your zipcode and it will find the right number to call and coupons for your Maine carpet cleaning appointment. You can also book your appointment through our website if you don’t have the time to call in.

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