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Louisiana – great food, incredible music, and the allure of the natural beauty of the bayous. This Child of the Mississippi has so much to offer to everyone who lives there, and even those who don’t. After all, this is the state that gave us Tabasco sauce, Dixieland Jazz, and Cajun cooking.

So Many Louisiana Carpet Cleaning Options

Despite all the great things about Louisiana, everyone there still has to deal with the problem of too many Louisiana carpet cleaners and too little information about them. It makes choosing a Louisiana carpet cleaning company difficult, especially since most of what you hear about them comes from Louisiana carpet cleaning coupons and ads. So we wanted to clearly explain what makes Oxi Fresh the best choice for your next Louisiana carpet cleaning.

Your LA Carpet Cleaning Company

It starts with the fact that our Louisiana carpet cleaning method is low moisture. Many Louisiana carpet cleaning companies soak the carpet with gallons and gallons of water and then trying to suck it out. Unfortunately, this usually leaves a lot of water left in the carpet, which can take 12-24 hours to dry – longer if it’s humid out. This method of Louisiana carpet cleaning can increase the chance of mold and mildew forming in the carpet.

Rather than using all that water, Oxi Fresh has a better approach to Louisiana carpet cleanings, thanks to a combination of specially designed products and a revolutionary machine. Our Louisiana carpet cleaning begins when we spray the carpets with our oxygenated booster and encapsulator. These Louisiana carpet cleaning products work together to break apart dirt and debris and then capture it all in microscopic crystals. This prepares the carpet – which only gets mildly damp – for our machine.

Rather than scrubbing downward or depending on water suction, our Louisiana carpet cleaning machines instead have dual, counter-rotating brushes that actually lift dirt and spots up and out of the carpet. This leaves the carpet standing upright, clean, soft, and it will all dry in about one hour. Now, isn’t that what you want in Louisiana carpet cleaning company?

Green Carpet Cleaning in Louisiana

In order to schedule Oxi Fresh’s LA carpet cleaners, you can call our friendly Schedulign Center or use the handy Online Scheduler (plus you’ll get some great Louisiana carpet cleaning coupons!)

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