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If you don’t know the history of Connecticut, its nickname – “The Constitutional State” -may seem odd. After all, isn’t every state under the Constitution? The name actually refers to two things: the role Connecticuters played in the Constitution’s creation and that Connecticut had a constitution dating back as far as 1638!

CT Carpet Cleaning the Constitutional State

Connecticut’s story is fascinating, but we wouldn’t it without the efforts made by historians and preservationists. Likewise, when it comes to carpets, the only way they last is if they are preserved by good Connecticut carpet cleanings. And while history is more interesting than flooring, that’s no excuse to forget about getting a Connecticut carpet cleaning. If you don’t remember, it can become expensive.

How so? Carpets have a lifespan that increases or decreases depending on how it’s treated. If someone gets regular Connecticut carpet cleanings, their carpet will “live” much longer. If someone never gets or rarely gets a Connecticut carpet cleaning, the carpet’s “life” can be cut down by as much as eight years.

Those short lived carpets then have to be replaced, which is certainly not as cheap as getting regular Connecticut carpet cleanings.

Oxi Fresh’s Connecticut Carpet Cleaners

So to avoid expensive replacement, call the right Connecticut carpet cleaning company – Oxi Fresh. Our process is ideal for your floor, thanks to the powerful solutions, unique technology, and environmentally friendly techniques we use.

The Connecticut carpet cleaning starts with the application of oxygen based solutions that will attack and break up embedded dirt and stains. At the same time, our encapsulator is also at work, forming microscopic crystals around the broken-up debris. This prevents any loosened grime from reattaching during the Connecticut carpet cleaning.

After the solutions have done their job, we go over the carpets with our Connecticut carpet cleaning machine and its dual, counter-rotating brushes. These reach deep into the carpet pile and lift the encapsulated debris up and out of the carpet and into the machine. This provides a truly deep Connecticut carpet cleaning, and, since our effective solutions don’t require saturating the carpet, your floor should be dry about an hour after we’re done!

Green Carpet Cleaning in Connecticut

That fast dry time is more than just a convenience, but is also part of our commitment to providing green Connecticut carpet cleaning services. We strive to conserve water with our cleaning methods, using only about two gallons per home compared to the 30-40 gallons other Connecticut carpet cleaning methods need.

Also, the Connecticut carpet cleaning solutions we use are designed to be safe for the environment, children, and pets. As a matter of fact, one of our core products has even received the EPA’s coveted Design for the Environment certification.

Call Your CT Carpet Cleaners

So when it comes time to book your Connecticut carpet cleaning, look no further than Oxi Fresh. To find your local Connecticut carpet cleaning location, just use the Online Scheduler or call our friendly Scheduling Center!

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