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In 1867, Mr. Seward, Secretary of State under Andrew Johnson, purchased a huge tract of land from the Russians, but few people understood why. The territory got mocking nicknames like “Seward’s Folly,” “Sweard’s Ice Box,” and “Andrew Johnson’s Polar Bear Garden.”

But people’s judgements were wrong. The territory was Alaska – a land that possesses vast natural resources, is a vital strategic position, and is one of the best places to experience the Great Outdoors.

The Need for an Alaska Carpet Cleaning

Unfortunately, the Great Outdoors has a tendency to get indoors. Snow, slush, mud, and dirt regularly get tracked indoors onto carpets. This makes frequent Alaska carpet cleanings a must. If those Alaska carpet cleaning companies don’t clean regularly, those nice, soft carpets will become permanently incrusted with grime and dirt. Unfortunately, many Alaska carpet cleaners aren’t equipped to deal with the unique challenges of this state.

The Challenge of an Alaska Carpet Cleaning

After all, if an Alaska carpet cleaning company uses a steam cleaning method, the customer is going to suffer. This Alaska carpet cleaning method will leave the carpets soaked. You see, the cold temperatures in Alaska means water evaporates much more slowly. In normal temperatures, a steam cleaned carpet can take anywhere from 12 to 24 hours to dry. Imagine how long an Alaska carpet cleaning can take to dry when using an AK carpet cleaner who uses steam! Customers will be stuck with soaked carpets for quite a while.

And those Alaska carpet cleaning companies who use a Spinning Bonnet method are going to be faced with the problem they always face – their machines don’t provide a deep enough cleaning. The absorbent pad on the buffer can only reach into the top third or half of the carpet, and that is not enough for an Alaska carpet cleaning. The deepest parts of the carpet pile stay dirty and the grit an Alaska carpet cleaning company should remove stays in the carpet.

The Right Alaska Carpet Cleaning Company

But don’t give up on an Alaska carpet cleaning, because there is a company that can provide a high quality carpet cleaning in Alaska – Oxi Fresh. Why are we so good? There are a lot of reasons, but it starts with our green carpet cleaning solutions. Using the power of oxygen, our solutions break up embedded dirt, grit, and oil in the carpet and make it easy to remove. Then we go over the carpet with our machine that is perfect for Alaska carpet cleaning. Why? Because it’s dual, counter-rotating brushes reach deep down into the carpet pile and lift the debris up into the machine. This leaves the carpet upright and allows it to dry soft in just a few hours! Isn’t that what you want from your Alaska carpet cleaning?

Getting an Alaska Carpet Cleaning

To find AK carpet cleaning coupons, use the Online Scheduler. If you have any questions about Alaska carpet cleaning, call us at 1-877-OxiFresh.

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I was very happy that my carpet was dry and ready to move furniture onto it within the hour of it being cleaned. My technician was extremely professional and very friendly, he did an outstanding job. I will recommend Oxi Fresh and Jonathan to everyone I know looking for your services. Thank you TA. - Lacombe, LA - 11/20/2019
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DS. - Palm Coast, FL - 11/20/2019
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
We moved all of the (moveable)furniture. Carpet cleaning guys I’ve had in the past would lift the heavier pieces and clean underneath. This was not observed during our recent cleaning. Also, I offered to vacuum, but was assured that the machine would take care of that. While putting things back in place, I noticed quite a bit of (vacuum-a-ble) scraps/dust/dog hair that had not been removed, thus, apparently, this area was not cleaned. The service person was very polite and personable, however. Truthfully, I’ve had much better results with other companies...... LH. - Ballwin, MO - 11/20/2019
(2.0 Out of 5 stars)

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