What Carpet Where?

Every now and then, you have to get new carpet installed in your home. Maybe you feel like a change, maybe it’s part of your redecorating project, or maybe the carpets gotten too old and too worn out. Whatever the case, whether it’s taste, rebuilding, or the fact that carpet cleaning just can’t prolong the carpet’s life any longer, you’ll want to be sure that the carpet type you pick is going to be best for the area of your home. With that in mind, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning has created a little room-by-room guide to help you pick the ideal carpet type and narrow your search for the best carpet.

Entry Way / Hallways

Whether you’re looking at a foyer, a main walkway, or the mudroom, entry ways and hallways always receive a lot of the most severe and dirtiest traffic from people tracking in mud and grime on their shoes. The carpet type you want here will be tough and be able to deal with heavy stains and traffic. Darker colored Berber carpets are a good choice here, as are a tight, level loop carpet – both resist track marks and are durable. They both have a distinct look, though, and if that look doesn’t work with your design plans, consider a normal cut-pile carpet with a strong area rug placed on top.

Living Room

Your choice for the living room should depend on how much your planning on using your living room. For a lightly used formal living room, a plush saxony or a patterned, combination-pile carpet would not go amiss and will add a touch of class. If your living room sees more use, though, a traditional textured saxony will be better. Either way, be sure to schedule regular carpet cleanings to keep it looking fresh.

Dining Room

Your dining room is where you can get fancy with your carpet choice. Plush carpets, frieze, combination-piles – what you want here is what looks best.


If the goal of the dining room is to look great, the goal of the bedroom is to feel great. Now, if you don’t have a real preference to your carpet, I would recommend carpeting your room with the standard, textured saxony used throughout your home. If you do care, a nice friezie or plush saxony can feel great to walk on early in the morning.

Bonus/Kids/Hobby Rooms

Many homes have an extra room that’s used for a kid’s play room, a hobby room, a “man cave,” or an additional bedroom. This is where you have a lot of options for your carpet choice. If you’re looking at a hobby room that runs a high risk of staining, modular carpet/carpet tiles would be a wise choice. These carpets come in sections and can be removed piece by piece for washing, allowing you to take out and clean stained tiles. This way, you can keep the carpet looking clean in between hiring professional carpet cleaners.

If you’re thinking of room that will get a lot of traffic but has a low stain risk, like a kids play room, a multi-level loop carpet will both look good, have an interesting texture, and will resist showing traffic stains. If the bonus room is going to be an office or a spare bedroom, a textured saxony, while simple, would work well.

Well, we hope that this has can help you out when you replace your carpets – and when you do, be sure to recycle the carpeting rather than throwing it out! Go to earth911.com to find your local carpet recycler.

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