Hello everybody! I suppose as this is the first post, I should let you get to know me and who I am writing about. Well, my name is Jordan and I’m the administrative assistant for Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaners, who you’ll be hearing all about in these posts. But who is Oxi Fresh you ask? Well, that’s a fair question, Oxi Fresh is, after all, a pretty young company. As a matter of fact, we’re turning four this month! You see, we were founded in August of 2006, with just one location in the Denver area. Since then, we’ve expanded rapidly and now have over 120 franchises! That’s quite the growth spurt for a young company. But how did we experience such fast growth and have great stability in our company? Well, a big part of it falls on us providing both customers and franchise owners with what they need and at their convenience.

We believe that the best way to do business is to do what’s in our power to satisfy the customer. We don’t schedule you for a block of time, like between 12-4:00, and instead have specific appointment times set up. That way, you can schedule your appoint around your day, rather than your day around a carpet cleaning Plus, we don’t support making a quick buck by charging extra for services that should be part of the basic cleaning; that only frustrates customers and ruins their day. We don’t want to do that to you, so the quote you get from Oxi Fresh is what you pay. Plus, what your paying for is better than what competitors offer.

The basic Oxi Fresh cleaning includes pretreatment and stain removal, the only exception in some areas being really advanced stains like ink or rust. That means urine stains, mud stains, high traffic areas, etc. are all included in the price. Plus, our low-moisture cleaning system allows your carpets to dry in one hour. So, our cleaning will get rid of most of your stains for no extra charge and you’ll be able to walk on your carpets a mere hour after we finished cleaning. I’ll tell you more about us later. Have a good one.

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