The Three C’s of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has been around for well over a century, but T-Day preparation never seems to get easier. And now as we get ever closer to the 24th, the usual concerns rise to the surface: how much food should I prepare, what do I need to do to get the house ready, and what should I do to keep people entertained? Well, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning has some tips to help you take care of the Three C’s of Thanksgiving: Cleaning, Cooking, and Company.


Before T-Day: Start by placing door mats by any entrances guests will use and (when they do come) make sure the guests remove their shoes. Also, if you’re planning any outdoor activities like a touch football game, have towels ready for the muddy players when they come back inside. If you’re going to have a kid’s table, try to get a mat or rug you can place beneath it, just in case someone spills.

During T-Day:

During the actual celebration, focus on enjoying yourself. The two cleaning tasks you should keep in mind are to spot clean right away if someone spills and, whenever you get a small pile of dirty dishes in the kitchen, try to put a few of them in the dishwasher. Other than that, have fun.

After T-Day:

The first thing to do is perform a walk-through to check and clean up any unreported spills. Next, before you start cleaning the normal dishes, start soaking any baking pans or casserole dishes to make things easier later. Then move on to the normal dishes, but break it up into two or three sessions (if you have that many dishes to deal with) to spend some time doing other cleaning – wiping down counters, cleaning up kid’s play areas, vacuuming, etc.

Cooking – It Involves food.

Okay, I’m going to be honest about this one – I don’t know anything about cooking. I know a turkey is central to the process, but that’s about it. There are, though, some great articles out there.  Click to learn about choosing the right size turkey, for a list of great articles about a plethora of dishes you can make, and here for a list of Thanksgiving Don’ts.


At a family gathering, you’ll generally have to entertain Kids, Teens, and Adults.

Kids: Children have a lot of energy, so your best bet is to provide a wide variety of activities. Set up a craft table for younger kids, ranging from Hand-print Turkey drawings, decorating pine cones, or just some paper and crayons. You can gather up toys and set them up in an area of the living room or basement where the kids can play. You can also set up a television with a kid’s movie, prepare a big pile of leaves for them to play in, or any number of activities – the big thing is to have plenty to offer.

Teens: Teenagers are trickier to entertain, as some will happily hang out with adults but others will want to hang out with other teenagers.  Like with kids, it’s best to provide options. Let them know there are board games, sports equipment in the garage, a gaming system downstairs, you’ve got a football game planned, etc.

Adults: Football. There, that will take care of the vast majority of your adult guests. For those who don’t watch football, you could have a puzzle setup or a board game ready to go. Generally adults will take care of themselves for entertainment, so don’t worry as much about them.

Well, hopefully these tips have helped you out a bit. Good luck with the preparation and have a great Thanksgiving! Oh – and if you end up with a bad spill on your carpet, just call Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning at 1.877.OxiFresh. Our great carpet cleaning services can get your floors looking and feeling fresh in no time.

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